This is for all of you who visit the website on a regular enough basis that you know if something has changed. If this is your first time here, and you do not ever plan on returning again, then this is the wrong page for you and you should return to the home page. But for those of you intrepid enough to return now and again, here is what is new since your last visit:
• 10 December 2017
Replaced the thumbnails on the index page with graphics that better describe what each image is. Rather than excerpting a tiny piece of each drawing with no context, they now show the full artwork with the title. No more guessing games.

Also added the original "Pink 'n Fluffy" artwork to Pajama Epaulets.
• 6 June 2016
Included illustrative graphics of each era's index and art pages to the Revision 2016 article.
• 4 June 2016
Found the long-missing drawing by MacAfee, "How to Shut Off Fences," and included it on the page for One Night in the Genetics Lab, on which it's referenced.
• 11 February 2016
Phase I of Revision 2016 is complete. Completed the final graphics, including the new title, and uploaded everything. Josh's Exposition finally returns to the Internet after six-and-a-half years.
• 10 February 2016
Coming down to the wire. Wrote the text for the new About page. Reread, did minor tweaks to, and spellchecked all of the text on the art pages copied over from the old site.
• 22 January 2016
The site relaunch is in its homestretch, still on track for 11 February. Began writing the Revision 2016 article, outlining the full plan, with what's been done and what will be done later.
• 12 October 2015
Continuing to process images. A single callout: added a new scan of Communism and You to the site for the fourth time in thirteen-and-a-half years. Also tweaked the designs of the About and Update pages.
• 8 October 2015
Added era division banners to the Updates page, like those added simultaneously to Josh's HomePage.
• 20 September 2015
New picture page templates designed and several pages transferred to new style.
• 19 September 2015
New navigation graphics drawn. Site pages completely redesigned, entirely abandoning the original graphical identity created in January 2002. Update log reworked to a style my sites have used since November 2003. About page created.
• 18 September 2015
Nearly all artwork for the site rescanned.
• 11 April 2012
Uploaded a placeholder index page explaining why the site was down and that it was expected to return eventually.
• 30 October 2009
New navigation graphics drawn. New picture page templates designed and several pages transferred to new style.
• 3 October 2009
Domain reactivated but all content must be uploaded again. Josh's Exposition will remain offline indefinitely because graphics need to be replaced.
• September 2009
Entire joshgulch.com domain wiped. Josh's Exposition goes offline.
• 4 May 2005
Made new navigation and title graphics for the site! This included once again fading the background.
• 22 November 2004
Communism and You: Added much cleaner scans of the comic and linked to the new "Ian in Communism Land" site.
• 6 June 2004
Eight new pictures! 2001: A Space Odyssey (In a Nutshell), The Adventures of Marie: All That Jazz, Josh and Tah Go Ballooning, Jeff's Measuring Thing, Andy and Mr. T, Felicity's Gift, Ian and the Alien, and The Adventures of Jeff.
• 4 January 2004
Communism and You: Added new versions of the scans which are a bit lighter, making the text a little easier to read. Also made mention of its sequel, "Ian in Communism Land", which is being produced in monthly installments on The Gopher Gathering.
• 1 January 2004
Happy New Year! Every page in this gallery was reuploaded with a new javascript embedded into the copyright date at the bottom. Now that will never be behind!
• 10 November 2003
Josh's Exposition is reopened to the public on the joshgulch.com server! Hooray!
• 7 November 2003
With the addition of The Adventures of the Lipless Wonder, the updates are now complete!
• 6 November 2003
Uploaded all the pages to the new server. Installed a new counter. Added three new pictures: Felicity: The Lost Powerpuff, Saturn is Sitting on my Head, and Wheel of Virginity.
• 5 November 2003
Prepared all the pages of the Exposition for transfer over to the joshgulch.com server. In the process doing so I made a few changes here and there. Every picture page now includes the medium the art was made in as well as a new Atrium redirect page. Aside from fiddling with some text here and there, I made significant additions to a couple pages. On Commie Stick Advertisement, a brief mention of the Iraq situation. On Queen Zygote, an image of the new digital Queen and a link to the merchandise shop.
• 18 June 2003
Added a scan of the original concept sketch to Dan Norton's Escape Method. Four New Pictures Added!! Vegisaurus, Lex!, Biomechanical Powerpuffs, Spirit of Akron, and A Bacteriophage Attacks.
• 11 February 2003
Spell-checked every page and fixed a number of formatting errors. I do believe this is as finished as this website shall be. "Josh's Exposition" officially launched into the public domain.
• 1 February 2003
In Remembrance, the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia: Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Specialist Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist David M. Brown, Mission Specialist Laurel B. Clark, and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon. "May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
• 28 January 2003
Created a page about screen resolution issues, and also added Queen Zygote. Created a Guestbook for the index page. Sign it! Added an Acknowledgments section at the bottom of this page.
• 23 January 2003
It's been a year! Gads. "Graphic" and "Text" double arrows made and added to the first and last exhibit pages. These will allow the user to decide which Atrium they wish to return to. Page-hit counter set up.
• 20 January 2003
Formatted the index page, and revised the two Atrium galleries.
• 19 January 2003
You know, I probably really ought to have this place completed before the one year mark. Finished the text on "Cyber-Plumber" and renamed the text listing file. Added Tah's Pajama Epaulets. Organized the graphic index into a table, splitting the thumbnails into four columns. Added the "Start here" graphic.
• 27 October 2002
Created a text-based listing of all the files on the site.
• 26 October 2002
With the addition of One Night in the Genetics Lab from 1996, I now have at least one picture from the past seven years in this Gallery, starting with 1995.
• 23 October 2002
Despite it being an article on my HomePage, I uploaded The Whitmer Hierarchy to the Exposition (just two days shy of a year since I drew it).
• 13 October 2002
Faded the background image slightly to make the text easier to read. Uploaded A Titanic Memorial, the first new image in eight months. Also finally made a title graphic for the home page! Later on, I added RMS Titanic, The Hindenburg, A Christmas Titanic, Cleared for Docking, and Cyber-Plumber.
• 7 June 2002
Made the "Back" and "Next" arrow graphics and went through every page setting them up. That was quite the job! While I was at it, I also employed a new look, using Arial font. I think it looks a lot better, but you don't know the difference, since you haven't seen anything yet. Oh well.
• 3 June 2002
After devoting the past four months to other projects, I'm ready to finish work on this gallery. Today I entered missing entries in the Update Log. The website was officially christened "Josh's Exposition" based loosely on a suggestion by Marie.
• 3 February 2002
Added Angry Alien, Josh Goes to Miami (Ohio), When Cultures Clash, The Hunt, The Chase, A Fairly Alarmed Bug-Thing, Manton Eats the Burger That is the World, Cow Sledding, and Sheep Sanding.
• 2 February 2002
Added Malcolm and the Nortons Party Over Spring Break, What Malcolm and the Nortons REALLY Did Over Spring Break, and Dan Norton's Escape Method.
• 1 February 2002
Added Communism and You and Josh's Brain.
• 30 January 2002
Added The First Bug-Thing, Hurtling Through the Cosmos, Grandma Borg, BOX Encounters Earth, Bob the Borg King, Bobsaurus, Mr. Gary Richards, The Hamster Hunt, Pokιmon Uma, Josh of Arc, Ianovich Malkovich, and Communism After Dark.
• 29 January 2002
Added Titanic, 2:20, The Manta People, If Malcolm Were a Clown, The Sneeze, and Savior of the North.
• 28 January 2002
Began adding pictures! Yay! Put up The Nervous Breakdown, The Egg Chambers, Joey and Jim, Malcolm and the Duck, Commie Stick Ad, Andy's Arch Nemesis, and Malcolm's Backpack. So it begins!
• 28 January 2002
Adopted the spiffy background and began this log.
• 22 January 2002
Hit upon the crazy idea of building this Art Gallery, so I registered another Angelfire account and set up the homepage.

Josh would like to thank the following people for their involvement in the creation of the featured artwork on this site:

Mr. Andy Black, Brad Faust, Carey Fisher, Shawn Fisher, Tahirih Kuhns, Marie Jarden, Scott Lewandowski, Bryan MacAfee, Ian Malcolm, John Manton, Daniel Norton, Jakab Norton, Kresta-Leigh Opperman, Jeff Osthimer, Felicity Powers, Mr. Gary Richards, and Dr. Alexa Sandmann.

Updated 10 December 2017