Biomechanical Powerpuffs

Date: 14 March 1999.
Medium: Pen & ink and colored pencil on paper.

During the first two seasons of The Powerpuff Girls I never missed an episode. Then I began to fall behind and didn't see the final seasons, but I was with it for those first pair of seasons. I even had trouble getting the girls on a birthday cake in August 1999 because the vast merchandising machine, which quickly grew to preposterous proportions, hadn't kicked in yet, so I wound up with some charmingly off-model drawings in frosting.

During my height of PPG viewing I turned out many a picture of the girls. They're pretty fun to draw. I also did variations, drawing all of my friends Powerpuffed. This one is a bit darker than you'd expect for them. Using Swiss artist H. R. Giger as inspiration, I drew the girls "biomechanically." Covered with claws, spikes, veins, and other nasty looking things, I made them something out of Alien. The back spikes and especially Bubbles' inner jaw are direct homages to Giger's work on the Alien movies (also seen in Communism and You and Ian and the Alien).

Updated 18 June 2003