Felicity: The Lost Powerpuff

Date: 4 February 1999.
Medium: Pen & ink and colored pencil on paper.

Back during the glory days of the late 1990s The Powerpuff Girls was my very favorite show and I never missed an episode. After graduating the following year, I didn't watch nearly as much TV as I once had. I still don't, for the most part, so I didn't really keep up with the later seasons of the show.

Back when I did watch it I really enjoyed drawing the characters. Craig McCracken had come up with fantastic character designs and I enjoyed "Powerpuffing" my friends. This example is of Felicity. I often had trouble drawing the eyes, and it took some time to get better at them. As a result, the eyes here are somewhat off. As long as I'm criticizing, Blossom's head is also a tad too small for her body. As seen in Biomechanical Powerpuffs, it didn't take long to draw the girls much better.

I later did a self portrait, Powerpuff style:

Updated 6 November 2003