Communism and You

Date: 3 February-8 February 2000.
Medium: Pencil on paper.

NOTE: Each page links to a high-resolution copy.

This public service announcement was originally released by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1952 to help combat Communism through propaganda. Although unconfirmed, Senator McCarthy was no doubt behind this. HUAC, by way of this comic, wisely made an analogy of Communism being a nasty alien thing that causes great harm to the innocent host body. The same design would later inspire Ridley Scott when making his epic film, Alien, in 1979.

It is reported that following the release of this publication, Communist problems in America dropped nearly 14% by 1963. In early 2000, the only known remaining print of this comic was discovered in an attic in Maine and carefully restored.

A sequel to this comic was produced in monthly installments before ending abruptly and never finishing up the story. The action continues for a while in Ian in Communism Land. Just don't expect closure.

Updated 22 November 2004