Malcolm and the Duck

Date: 10 February 2000.
Medium: Pen & ink on paper.

It was a gloomy day outside, but in Herr Faust's class the sun was shining as another story about Ian Malcolm, our anticommunist freedom fighter, sprung into being. We had a vocab test in which we had to integrate the words into a story we wrote. What resulted was an epic tale of drama and suspense, "Malcolm and the Duck," which subsequently yielded a VERY quickly drawn comic strip to illustrate the story. Vocabulary words are underlined, as in the original.

It was a blustery day near the end of the summer hiatus, when Ian Malcolm stumbled upon a duck in the street.

"Hey duck," Malcolm said, "get out of here, stupid beast."

"Shut-up, dude," the duck scoffed. The duck let loose a volley of magic that made Malcolm swell up and become VERY obese.

"NO!" Malcolm cried, and got very petulant with the bird. "Turn me back or I'll eat you!"

"Most likely," the duck snickered at Malcolm, although it did fear for its life standing in front of this behemoth.

So Malcolm and the duck struck a bargain. Malcolm would ingratiate himself to the duck and in turn the duck promised to change him back.

So Malcolm did.

But the duck didn't change him back and only laughed at Malcolm's foolishness.

So Malcolm ate the duck, joined the circus as a fat-man, and lived happily ever after.

I got a perfect grade on it!

Updated 28 January 2002