Cow Sledding

Date: 10 September 2001.
Medium: Pen & ink on notebook paper.

Okay, so for those who don't know, the UT student union has these big ramps that run up to the various levels. One day Jeff and I had an idea! Yes, an idea!

We wanted to go sledding down the ramps. Sledding in and of itself is unoriginal, even if it's down the access ramps in the student union. So what we came up with was that we would get two cows...

Are you following me?

Well, one cow would be slaughtered and lard made from the fat. We're not psychopaths, where did you think it comes from? Anyway, after slathering the lard down the ramps, we'd take the other cow and sled down the slippery slopes atop its back. That's Jeff in the concept drawing above.

This was drawn on 9-10-2001. What could possibly go wrong? This was a great idea.

Updated 3 February 2002