Felicity's Gift

Date: 13 January 2004.
Medium: Pen & ink and colored pencil on paper.

In Mr. Andy Black's LiveJournal there was a quarrel about how I might have drawn Felicity once. I produced some drawings I had done in the past, which did not settle the issue even though I still think that Mr. Andy Black was confused on what art he was trying to recall. Felicity's reaction to the old pictures prompted me to draw this one. This is an updated Felicity in my current drawing style. She had previously also been depicted in Powerpuff Felicity.

Note that this depicts Mr. Andy Black more realistically than I normally draw him. I did this because I didn't feel this drawing warranted the traditional nonsense depiction. This was the first time in years I'd drawn the boy like that.

Updated 4 June 2004