Saturn is Sitting on My Head

Date: 20 May 2003.
Medium: Crayola crayon on paper.

During the summer of 2003, Marie and I took a Multicultural Literature class together. We both had good fun in that class, and met a number of good people. The focus of the class was primarily for elementary and middle school teachers, so I had some flashbacks to my youth in it. On the first day, the instructor, Dr. Sandmann, passed out little pieces of paper and a crayon to everyone and told us to draw whatever we liked. Then we swapped crayons with another person to draw more. We swapped a third time as well.

As it turns out, the aim of that exercise was to show that each time we exchanged crayons with another person, the level of discussion in the room rose. People began chatting with persons they'd never met before. Except for me. I apparently missed that point and continued to color in silence. Oh well.

"Saturn is Sitting on my Head" is the result of my having to come up with something on the fly like that. The bunny perhaps represents my consciousness. But probably not.

Updated 5 November 2003