The First Bug-Thing

Date: May 1995.
Medium: Pencil on paper.

While digging through old folders looking for pictures to add to this site, I found this. It's the very first drawing of what would come to be known as a Bug-Thing. Two main things are notable here. First, that the Bug-Thing design evolved rather quickly. Second, that I've built drawing skills over the years.

In the beginning, Bug-Things had three hairs sticking out of their head. They actually rooted to the flat part of the head behind the eyes, though drawings seemed to indicate that the hairs actually sprouted from the eyes themselves. The eyes weren't attached very well, either. It took another two years or so before Bug-Things rounded out to their final design.

I drew this in my 7th Grade music class when we had to rewrite the song "I Love the Mountains." My result was unoriginal gibberish, "I Love the Something Something," and I knew it. That's what the "He's Going Crazy" means, because my new lyrics were that uninspired. I spent my time drawing rather than writing something creative, but that's just like me.

Updated 30 January 2002