One Night in the Genetics Lab

Date: c. mid 1996.
Medium: Pencil on paper.

At least, I think this is from 1996. My memory fails me a bit, but 1996 is probably a pretty good estimate. Pity I didn't mark the date on everything back then.

In any case, this was a drawing about Jurassic Park, mixed with a running joke between MacAfee and I. We speculated that after hours on Isla Nublar, Dennis Nedry and Dr. Wu hung out amongst the dinosaur incubators screaming Wu's name. Nedry would play along to make Wu happy enough to let him borrow embryos from the lab. Hijinks ensued, naturally.

The lab is littered with all sorts of stuff, most of which have some purpose. Besides the obvious gags (munched bone for T. rex and spit for Dilophosaurus), there are a number of references to past concepts strewn about. The two farthest right pictures on the wall were copied as background fodder, "How to Shut Off Fences" by MacAfee and "Vegisaurus, Lex!" by me. The latter is the reason why Tim and Lex are in the scene and why Lex is so angry at Tim's remark. The potato nailed to the wall is credited to Mr. Andy Black, who had a sort of potato fetish at the time. Note also the product placement: A JG Labs incubator. JG Labs, of course, became JG Enterprises in 1998.

Robert McClellan took it upon himself to add his own ideas. The Joshasaurus Rex and Boogie Man are his hand. I somehow tolerated people adding onto my work, despite some frustrations.

Updated 4 June 2016