The idea for Josh's online art gallery sprung in January 2002 and work kicked off right away, creating a new site on Angelfire. Scanning and writing took longer than anticipated, delaying the opening of Josh's Exposition until 11 February 2003. Those were the final days of Josh's time on Angelfire, for only nine months later, on 5 November, the website transferred to the newly minted joshgulch.com, where it received periodic updates for an additional seven months.

The active existence of Josh's Exposition unexpectedly changed near the end of July 2004, with the launch of a new project called A Pic A Day, an attempt to improve drawing skills by doodling a little something every day and posting the results to a dedicated website so as not to completely overwhelm the Exposition with each weekly stack of output. This resulted in the unintended consequence of rendering the Exposition obsolete, as A Pic A Day took over all art gallery needs, leaving the Exposition behind to gather dust for five years. In September 2009, the entire joshgulch.com server was wiped, requiring everything to be uploaded again. Rather than move all the image files from an old computer, it was instead decided to rescan and rebuild, to improve upon a site which had always been fairly lackluster.

After six more years of putting it off, a brand new website, with fresh scans and an improved design launched on 11 February 2016, the thirteenth anniversary of the original site's public release. More information on the redesign is detailed on the Revision 2016 page.

With the 2016 relaunch, the goal for the Exposition is to return it to a quasi-active status. New content will be added over time, but it will be relegated to a window ending with the start of A Pic A Day, on 20 July 2004. Everything before that will be Exposition material; everything after, A Pic A Day ... even if that name is no longer applicable to that particular website.


Updated 10 February 2016