Pokémon Uma

Date: 29 November 1999.
Medium: Pencil on notebook paper.

This came about during the height of the dreaded Pokémon phase, which I found particularly bothersome. I had finished watching Gattaca with Uma Thurman and noted that her hair seemed impossibly tight at times. Tighter than I could ever get my hair, that's for sure. I began to think about the stresses that had to be in play to contain her hair like that. Why, if a bobby pin slips then the whip effect could take off a leg! With this in mind, Pokémon Uma came about. As she shrieks "Uma! Uma!," she whips villainous foes with her lethal ponytail. This went on for a couple of months. I'm not sure why she's a squirrel.

Updated 30 January 2002