Sheep Sanding

Date: 11 November 2001.
Medium: Pen & ink on notebook paper.

We were sitting around the student union (that's where all the best ideas come from!) when a gal walked past with shiny pants. It wasn't Shiny Pants Girl from high school, but someone else altogether. Speculations began to form as to from where shiny pants developed. My theory was sheep.

Y'see, if you take a sheep and sand it down, what's left? Sheep material, which any fool knows is quite shiny. Not the wool, but the actual sheep. It's from this sheep material that shiny pants come from. So think about that next time you see someone wearing shiny pants.

I really don't like shiny pants, by the way. They're kinda dumb and I try not to think about them very often.

Updated 3 February 2002