The Adventures of Marie Episode XXVI: All That Jazz

Date: 25 January 2003.
Medium: Pen & ink on placemat.

On 25 January 2003 a whole flock of us took Marie out on a birthday celebration (albiet four days late, but that wasn't our collective fault). One thing on the agenda was seeing Chicago at the theater. I had been a fan of the stage show for some time before, and saw it performed live with Marie, and found myself rather disappointed in the movie, which contained roughly half the stage show. You can read my full review of the movie if you're interested.

Following the movie, we sought a late snack at Steak 'n Shake, where I spent nearly the entire time drawing Marie a comic on the back of a placemat. Obviously, I was inspired by the movie we'd just seen and drew this tale of Marie's insane desire to be in the musicals, and making it big in Chicago.

This was scanned from a photocopy Marie made for me. Unfortunately, the extreme outer edges got chopped off. Marie's line in the first panel is "I want to be in the musicals!" Later she tells the director "I want to be in Chicago!" The rest is still readable.

The original copy of this was given to Marie, so it was not available to be scanned in a higher resolution, and I can't find the photocopy.

Updated 4 June 2004