Wheel of Virginity

Date: 23 September 2003
Medium: Pen & ink and Colored pencil on paper.

The Wheel of Virginity is an idea suggested by Ian. On 23 September 2003, he posted his best wishes for the new Equinox, suggesting we sacrifice us some virgins. Marie then questioned how many virgins we knew, and Ian, a champion of fairness if there ever was one, went on to suggest that a "Wheel of Virginity" could work. "Spin the wheel, slaughter a virgin," proclaimed Ian. Well this was a splendid concept for a drawing!

Unfortunately, I had to go to class at that point, and dwelled over the drawing all day. I finally got home and drew the picture right away and posted it on the Gathering. It received a good reception, so my day was made and I was happy.

The host may or may not be Ian (since I refuse to admit otherwise).

Updated 5 November 2003