Malcolm and the Nortons Party Over Spring Break

Date: 20 April 2000.
Medium: Pen & ink on notebook paper.

Spring Break was dawning upon us and I drew this on the last day of school (or maybe it was the day before). In my prefect world, Ian, Daniel, and Jakab would have spent Spring Break dancin' like there ain't no tomorrow! Jammin', groovin', gettin' biz-ay!

Unfortunately, they seemed to have other plans. Dang them all.

Behind the scenes: "ˇBravo! ˇBravo! ˇBramíssimo!" comes from the musical Once Upon a Mattress, which was being prepared at the time as the school's spring show. Although I do believe the spelling is "Bravíssimo," which would make a lot more sense. I wasn't thinking again, which is nothing new for me. Dumb Josh, bad.

Updated 2 February 2002