Pajama Epaulets

Date: 15 December 2002.
Medium: Pen & ink on paper.

For Christmas of 2002, Marie and I decided to make Tahirih a pair of pajamas. We purchased full-body (with footies!) pajamas that we proceeded to cover with iron-ons and patches. They came out really great, with "Pink 'n Fluffy" scrawled across the back, even!

These drawings show the designs of the epaulets on the shoulders. The left drawing is of little ole me, being the angel that I am for the left shoulder. Next is that devil, Marie, for the right. On the far right is the initial drawing of Marie that I felt was too small, so I redrew it larger (I worked from right to left).

The figures were sketched in pencil and gone over in ink to bring out the details. Then a piece of white fabric was laid over top and traced with a fabric marker. Marie cut these out and affixed them to the shoulders of the pajamas, in locations reminiscent of Tah's conscience. Needless to say, Tah seemed to like our gift!

Updated 10 December 2017