Communism After Dark

Date: 26/27 May 2000.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

In my senior year of High School, my Contemporary Literature teacher, Mr. Lewandowski, gave us photocopies of an article on Chinese Communism to tie into our reading of Forbidden City. One of the pictures in this packet apparently featured a group of important party leaders, but was so darkened by the photocopying process that only a few white patches were visible against the sea of blackness. Across the top was the word "Communism." Of course, talking with Comrade Ian, one thing led to another and I was off to the craft store buying a mini canvas. I managed to paint a copy of the picture, with the "Communism" written in red. Placed in a red frame, I call my piece "Communism After Dark."

Updated 30 January 2002