Engaged 26 January 2001
    Updated 7 September 2017

This is for all of you who visit the site on a regular enough basis to know if something's changed. If this is your first time here, and you don't ever plan on returning again, then this is probably the wrong page for you, but for those intrepid enough to return now and again, here's what's new since your last visit:

7 September 2017
Added new and larger scans of the graphics in Josh's STS-127 Mission Patches, revising and expanding the article in the process.
18 June 2017
Added new and larger scans of the graphics in Grubfest 2006 Badges, revising and expanding the article in the process.
28 October 2016
Added Josh's Websites Lineage to Articles, though I'm not convinced that's exactly the place for it. We'll see.
15 July 2016
Added new and larger scans of the graphics in Josh and Joe (I Mean Bryan), revising and expanding the article in the process.
9 June 2016
Replaced all of the screenshots of earlier versions of the HomePage on the History page with larger versions.
11 February 2016
Josh's Exposition, my old artwork gallery, returns after being offline since 2009. A new banner, bearing the site's new branding, is added to the Sites page.
8 October 2015
A little housekeeping. Minor tweaking of line spacing and table widths on the index page, making things a little more condensed. Update log reworked to a style my sites have used since November 2003 and added era division banners to break up the long list. Changed the Links page to Sites, since the 2012 redesign dumped all external websites for a master list of my personal satellite sites, and I'd received a complaint that those pages were hidden in a section with an unhelpful name. Hopefully "Sites" is more clear. RIP Links Page, 24 January 2001 - 8 October 2015.
7 October 2015
Added new and larger scans of the graphics in The Whitmer Hierarchy, The Biggest Swine, and Whitmer Quiz Bowl 1998. The Biggest Swine, in particular, received a complete overhaul, being rewritten and expanded. Initially, the copy of the game available for printing had been stored inside a zip file with folding instructions which I'd written. That zip file got lost a long time ago, so this is the first time in over a decade that The Biggest Swine has served a purpose.
18 September 2015
Nothing new, only reorganization. Removed "From the Archives," which launched in January 2005 with much greater expectation than the subsequent decade ever put into it, accumulating only two articles over ten years. Another series, the similarly named "From the Vaults..." did essentially the same thing in 2009 and wound up in the Articles section. The two features from "From the Archives," Whitmer Quiz Bowl 1998 and The Loony Bin, are now filed under Articles and "From the Archives" has been removed altogether.
20 June 2015
Added Junior High Stories from 1995 to the About section. This includes Jimmy Joe and the BOX, The Story of SOMETHING, and I Don't Get It, all of which had pages added in 2003 that were removed in the 2012 revision. This reinstates the stories in a new framework.
3 January 2015
Happy New Year! Added Google Lunar X Prize Entry and Josh's STS-127 Mission Patches to Articles.
13 May 2014
Added Designing the JoshFest: 2004 Insignia to Articles.
8 March 2013
Added Designing the JoshFest: 2010 & 2011 Insignia to Articles.
11 April 2012
Finished updating the Site History page. Wrote the Index page. Spellchecked, uploaded, troubleshooted, folded my arms with satisfaction that the redesign is complete!

10 April 2012
Transferred the From the Archives section, even though it never gained as much use as initially intended, to the About section. Moved the Bush Super Clock and 2004 Posters into Articles.
31 March 2012
Heavily edited, revised, and updated the Site History page. Transformed the Links page into a collection of my subsites along with all of the site banner graphics that go in them.
30 March 2012
Threw out the old Mini-Bio, which was absolutely awful, and developed a brand new version of the the Josh's Biography page.
19 March 2012
Work began on designing V.5.0 of the HomePage, building a new website from the ground up. Wrote new page templates, created all new navigation graphics, and moved all main pages and all about and article subpages to the new format.
19 March 2012
Created a new contact form since the old one was busted.
25 May 2009
Boy this particular site needs something new, 'cause here's my schedule for fall 2009.
21 January 2009
At twelve o'clock noon on 20 January 2009 the George Bush Second Term Super Clock was officially stopped. The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States now renders this silly countup a moot point in the musty halls of historical as-it-happened.
9 January 2009
Happy New Year! My schedule for spring 2009 is now up.
25 August 2008
Well hey, my schedule for fall 2008 is now up.
6 January 2008
Happy New Year! My schedule for spring 2008 is now up.
7 August 2007
Hey look, my schedule for fall 2007 is now up.
5 January 2007
Happy New Year! My schedule for spring 2007 is now up.
27 December 2006
Finally updated From the Archives with MacAfee's cartoon, "The Loony Bin."
26 December 2006
Created a Shopping Center for all of those shirts I've made.
28 September 2006
Added link to my new Photo Album website.
5 August 2006
Updated my school schedule.
9 June 2006
Added links to Paul's Pensive Ponderances and Josh in a Hat on Home Page and Links Page.
1 May 2006
A Pic A Day moves away from the HomePage, getting a pad of its own.
4 March 2006
Added a new article about Josh and Joe (I Mean Bryan).
3 January 2006
Updated my school schedule.
2 January 2006
Happy New Year! There's an update to A Pic A Day, of all things!
3 November 2005
Version 4.0 of the HomePage goes online!

27 October 2005
Set up the random title generator on the home page. With that, I do believe this site is complete! Rather than release it right away, I'm going to wait for 3 November, simply because I like creating a pattern. It will be four years since version 2.0 went online (and three years since the site was revived on Angelfire). When you take into account that the site's original creation date and the launch of version 3.0 were both on 11 April (1998 and 2002, respectively), you see what I'm getting at.
26 October 2005
Didn't get much done, though I did finish revising the Site Map to include all the changes I've been making.
25 October 2005
Reading every page and fixing typos, grammatical errors, and things I don't like. History page brought way up to date, since half of it still spoke of 2001 in the present tense. Made the "Faces of Josh's HomePage" table as well. Removed the raw contact information on the Contact page and replaced it with an easy form to send replies with. Chechnya: Very Briefly and A Chechen Insurgency added to the Articles Archive. The entire Links page was dumped and started over from scratch. Really, it wasn't that good.
24 October 2005
Page redesign complete. All pages and graphics tested and functioning. Created new page to house the Bush Super Clock. Edited Mini-Bio (now known as Josh's Tale), not only to bring it up to date, but also because some of the writing seemed too immature. Also gave it the "Josh's Current Positions" chart.
23 October 2005
Revision 2004 graphics are finally completed and work begins on preparing the site's pages to accept them.
1 June 2005
Another new gallery, of MacAfee & Mr. T!
26 May 2005
A new Andy gallery: Andy's Car!
15 February 2005
Three new pictures at the Andy Black Picture Palace!
7 January 2005
I set up a whole new section to the site, From the Archives, just so I could display a picture of Jeff and MacAfee in 1998.
1 January 2005
Happy New Year! A Pic A Day changes addresses and reluctantly assumes a new update schedule.
22 November 2004
Changed the link on the home page to the new Ian in Communism Land site.
8 November 2004
Revision 2004 announced.
7 November 2004
Added the Bush Countup Timer on the home page to show that the election isn't the end of humanity as we know it. Five days and counting....
25 October 2004
A Pic A Day returns after a two-month absence!
23 August 2004
My school schedule for the fall is online.
10 August 2004
Opened the Marie Jarden gallery, the first of a series of photo galleries of my friends. More to come in due time.
8 August 2004
Finally made a linkin' button for Ian in Communism Land.
25 July 2004
A Pic A Day debuts on HomePage. Button placed on home page directing to APAD page. I will not mention updates to that page in this log, since that would grow increasingly tedious.
22 July 2004
Added three new photos to the Andy Black Picture Palace. Also created the Ydna20 Variants page. He should have a fan club.
12 July 2004
Posted a link and banner on the home page to the website I created for my uncle, who is running for Sheriff of Lucas County this November.
20 March 2004
Removed the snow on account of it being spring.
12 January 2004
Updated my school schedule for the Spring Semester.
1 January 2004
Happy New Year! I spent my entire afternoon and evening sticking a little code on the bottom of every single page on the joshgulch server. This handy code will keep the copyright date at the bottom of each page updated come the New Year. I really should have done this while I was working with these files last summer...
12 December 2003
Two more Web Comics added to the Links page: Maakies and Dinosaur Comics! I also resized the banners for The Gopher Gathering and Kresta's site. They both take up much less room now.
28 November 2003
It's the day after Thanksgiving. The holiday season officially begins! Enjoy the festive decoration to the Home page. Snow finally fell (and stuck) in Toledo! To celebrate, the snow has returned to the HomePage!
19 November 2003
The FROG Website has been transferred to the new server, receiving a minor facelift to bring it up to date. So to was the SS Willis B. Boyer site transferred.
18 November 2003
Updates at the Andy Black Picture Palace! FIVE new pictures added! A number of others were slightly resized.
9 November 2003
Josh's Exposition reopens on the new server.
3 November 2003
Added The Monthly MacAfee Log to the Gallery page. It's a Gopher Gathering page, but its content works for this site's galleries, too.
28 September 2003
Added a list of my favorite webcomics to the Links Page. There's ten comics to whet your funny glands!
16 September 2003
Wrote a new article, Designing the JG Rank Insignia. I hope one finds it interesting.
8 September 2003
The new edition of the HomePage is officially released!
29 August 2003
Completed the preparation of the files. Updated the History Page with information about the new domain and updated my Mini-Bio with what's been going on with me since 2001.
27 August 2003
Well now I've gone and done it. I registered for the domain joshgulch.com today! Resumed readying the files. Consolidated the "History" and "Mini-Bio" pages into a new section called "Background," and added my LiveJournal to the side navigation bar (which got slightly rearranged).
24 August 2003
Summer is over. Behold, my Fall Semester Schedule.
3 August 2003
Integrated my Filmography into the HomePage, as well as a number of pages for it. I made some revisions to the stories contained in them. Consider these revisions as Director's Cuts.
20 June 2003
Created a Contact page. Why? So that I don't have to worry about editing every single page when I may change my email address. Gradually, all instances of my email address will be edited to link to this page instead. There is another reason, too: I finally began readying all the files for moving from Angelfire onto my own domain! This means stripping off all of Angelfire's nasty coding and collecting all the graphics.
18 June 2003
I now have my very own LiveJournal!
17 May 2003
Added my review of Chicago to the Articles Archive. That movie could have been so much better. *sigh... *
14 May 2003
Corrected a mistake I made in my schedule.
7 May 2003
It's been a while since the last update, but not too much has really been going on. I haven't had a whole lot to update with. But now that the semester's over, I have a little bit of time before the summer session kicks up. Because of this, I've updated my school schedule with the two summer sessions I'm attending. On the Home Page, I changed the "New" headers to "Announcements," which I think is more fitting. Also added a link to the Exposition to the Galleries Page. On the Links Page, I had to unfortunately remove The Debris Field, which recently shut down. The Site Map shows all these new changes. P.S. Happy Birthday, Carey!
11 February 2003
A new website is finally launched! Josh's Exposition, a gallery of several pieces of my artwork, has been released after a year of inconsistent work. Check it out and enjoy! The Links Page on this site and the General Index have both had the Exposition added.
1 February 2003
In Remembrance, the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia: Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Specialist Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist David M. Brown, Mission Specialist Laurel B. Clark, and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon. "May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
5 January 2003
Wow, it's 2003 already! Who'd have thought it? I managed a little updating, as I haven't had much to add recently. Angelfire changed the number of graphics that make up the top ad banner last November. What this meant was every single mouse-over in the navigation menu on the left was thrown off and had to be fixed. The mouse-overs are controlled by the number of graphics on a page, and if more are added before them, then the effect doesn't work. So now that's fixed... again. I just had to do this last October! Gah! Also updated my school schedule for the Spring semester.
12 October 2002
Work on the Links Page! Added a new section with those links from Annie: RagamuffinD's Home! (Annie's home page), Dancing Paul, I-Mockery, Master Ninja. Also changed the headings from "Submitted by" to "Contributed by." New sites added to Site Map. Finally got around to fixing the mouse-overs in the side navigation columns on each page. They were all messed up when I changed to banner ads in August.
9 September 2002
Added the symbol of the Mirror Universe's JG Alliance to the Josh Gallery page.
20 August 2002
Not really much of an update, but significant enough. I changed Angelfire's method of advertising. Being that this is a free server, sponsor ads are understandable. Instead of those stinkin' annoying pop-ups, which no one likes, we now have to live with a little banner at the top of the page. This is much more acceptable if you ask me. Later in the day, I brought my school schedule up to spec. I didn't bother to fuss with it when I redesigned the HomePage, but it's available once again.
8 August 2002
Completed the redesign of The Official Mission Patch Emporium, making it bigger and better than ever! Fixed a couple of links in various places as a result.
11 June 2002
Some work on the Links Page. I added a banner and link to Diesel Sweeties, a funny online comic. Removed the links to Save the SS United States, The Great Ocean Liners, and Battlecruiser Hood. Took out the banner for the General Index, which was redundant since it's in the side navigation bar anyhow. The Gopher Gathering banner remains for the time being. The links and banners were removed because it was beginning to look a bit cluttered with sites that most of this site's visitors won't use anyhow. Site Map updated to reflect.
30 May 2002
A new Article, with a game to boot! For your downloading fun, I've added the World War II political game "The Biggest Swine." Download it while it's hot and enjoy!
25 April 2002
Fixed a link on the Home Page and updated the Site Map with the recently added stuff. Also, a very Happy Birthday to Tah, even though it's extremely unlikely she'll ever think to look in here!
22 April 2002
Who's the best Tahirih? Me! I am such a better Tah than Tah could ever be. I prove it in a brand new picture from Marie, in my Picture Gallery!
20 April 2002
Redesigned the JG Enterprises Personnel FactFiles! Ian's home page, Ian's Snazzy Webhole, added to the Links Page. This really is too much Malcolm for one week, I tell ya.
19 April 2002
Ian offered Japan Balloon Fetish Club for the Links Page, which I added.
12 April 2002
Added DJ's homepage to the Links Page under a new heading.
11 April 2002
The HomePage goes live! I added my Home Page file to the /index page, so now it's accessible to the world at large! Also set the counter to where the other one left off and fixed the links on the General Index and Gopher Gathering. Did some final checks of the site and officially commissioned it! Woo-hoo! I hope everyone enjoys the new HomePage. It's been a lot of hard work to put together.

7 April 2002
I put a tad more information on the History Page and added the Javascript date to the Home Page (the same I've had on the Gathering since last summer). Also, on the Links Page, added Ex Astris Scientia and stuck up a banner for The HMS Hood Association.
6 April 2002
Just some clerical work and tying up loose ends. Fixed all the links that said "Gallery" to "Galleries" because of the expansion of that page I did last night. Went through every page and fixed the HomePage/Home Page thing. HomePage refers to the site as a whole, Josh's HomePage. I made it one word as a sign of uniqueness ()... or something. Home Page, two words, refers specifically to the actual first page of the site (akin to "Links Page" or "History Page"). So that's that. But in any case, I do believe I'm actually done! Woo-hoo! All that's left now is some paranoid checking (again and again) of everything possible. I could release it now, but I'd rather wait for the 11th.
5 April 2002
I've been kept busy this week, and Easter got in the way of work last weekend. But now back to business at last! I finished the Site Map transfer, including fixing the links and rearranging the categories changed to reflect the new order of the site. Also moved the Future Projects over. Because all of the pages related to this particular site have new URLs, I went down through this log and fixed the links in question. On the History Page, I wrote a blurb about this epic redesign. Check it out! In the Galleries section, I set up a new page for the Josh Gallery and I've also integrated the good ole Andy Black Picture Palace into the HomePage (whereas it had been a stand alone site before). The Gallery is now as finished as it can be for now. I also got rid of the pages with my schedule. They weren't necessary and only took up space.
30 March 2002
Formatted the new versions of the Site Map, Mini-Bio, Links, History, and Gallery. Also got the three articles finished.
29 March 2002
Finished formatting the new HomePage and set out on the subpages in the newly created /index directory. Article Archive and Update Log finished.
28 March 2002
The HomePage redesign has begun! I finished the new navigation graphics and got them online.
24 March 2002
Wow, I've done quite the update this evening! In seven and a half hours, I added two new pages and spruced up the site a bit. First, I made the Articles Archive as a place to store all the pages that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Sure, there's only three articles now, but give it time. I also went through and finally compiled a Site Map! Oh, was that an undertaking! But in doing so, I managed to do some timely spring cleaning. I checked every link and made changes to suit. Mr. T vs. Everything, Killer Japanese Seizure Robots, and Jonathon Robinson all have new URLs. The Official Olympic Center, Britannic Research Centre, Little Shop of Horrors, Skewiee's World, and Robot Frank's Life all had to be removed because of dead links. Because most of its sister sites were now missing, I decided to also take out RMS Queen Mary to give a little more room. Finally, I removed the snow Javascript from the HomePage and the Gathering. It's spring! That's it for now (Whew!), but I'm planning a huge redesign in the not-to-distant future. Stay tuned!
23 February 2002
Fixed the address on Jeff's Home Page.
6 February 2002
Added Marie's FactFile!
10 January 2002
The Mission Patches are now easier than ever, thanks to the Mission Patch Application Form being put online.
5 January 2002
Happy New Year! I've updated my schedule for the Spring 2002 semester. Also moved the Fall 2001 schedule on a separate page (for reference!).
14 December 2001
Found some spiffy cool snow Javascript, which I added to the HomePage and the Gopher Gathering for the holiday season.
11 November 2001
Added Rules and Legal Stuffings to Josh's Mission Patch Emporium. Just the basics, ma'am.
3 November 2001
I got eager and changed the title from "Vegisaurus' HomePage" to "Josh's HomePage," which is more descriptive and appropriate. I also added some spiffy new graphics to boot. This meant every... single... page... had... to... be... updated. Oy. The change has been noted on History Page. Coincidently, and this wasn't planned so even I'm befuddled, this is exactly one year since I began rebuilding the HomePage on Angelfire. Cool, eh? The General Index also has been updated to reflect. I also added a short message about the current inavailability of Network54 (host service of The Gopher Gathering). Aliesha's promotion to Admiral has caused a couple of updates from her ex-VADM status. And finally, I added an explanation of the Whitmer Hierarchy illustration on its page so that everyone can understand it better.

25 October 2001
Added my drawing of The Hierarchy of Whitmer High School.
13 October 2001
A real update! Added the new and fun Burt Reynolds Action Figure!
12 October 2001
I know, I know. There haven't been any real updates in much over a month. Not only have I been spending less time online to play around, but also nothing really significant has happened. I'd like to update more often. Anyhoo, an update: With the cancelation of the Gillis-Loga Mission, I was left with only one active in the "Missions Currently in Progress," so the section has been removed for the time being. All missions can be found at Josh's Mission Patch Emporium.
31 August 2001
Added my schedule to the Home page.
26 August 2001
FINALLY added a link to Encyclopedia Titanica to the Links Page. 'Bout time!
10 August 2001
Some significant and rather big news: The counter rolled over to 1000 hits today! Woo-hoo! The History Page has been updated with this info.
6 August 2001
Added a link to The FROGS Progress Log on the Home page again, due to the work on the new frog.
31 July 2001
Just as a side note, I changed the address to the Andy Black Picture Palace. Originally at "andypp.html," Andy and I thought that sounded wrong, so it has finally been changed to the more appropriate "andypics.html." There!
20 July 2001
I added my review of Jurassic Park III to the Home Page.
17 July 2001
Due to the fact that they've changed web addresses recently, I've updated The Great Ocean Liners and The Debris Field on the Links Page to reflect their present addresses.
11 June 2001
On my Mini Bio, I added the Aliesha Factfile following a guilt trip. I also posted the Josh Gulch Photo Gallery on the Home page and in the Mini Bio.
6 June 2001
In checking my Guestbook, I happened to notice that the link back still had the address for the original AOL page. I began the Guestbook back then and never updated it to reflect the address change. So, for the first time ever, I accessed the Guestbook control and fixed the problem! While I was at it, I also reformatted the Guestbook icon on the Home page.
25 May 2001
Frog Progress Log added.
13 May 2001
New Tuxedo Pics added to The Andy Black Picture Palace. As for the Home page, I added Jonathon Robinson and Robot Frank's Life to the Links Page, in a new section, Submitted By Andy.
8 May 2001
Finding the link to Designs by Kresta-Leigh to be dead, I fixed it and now it works again! :-)
20 April 2001
Zombo.com to Home and Links Pages, along with a Submitted by MacAfee section on the Links Page. Returned original Raptor picture to its proper place in Space-Time.
11 April 2001
HomePage turns Three Years Old!! Birthday song added to Home Page. History Page updated. Birthday-themed Raptor added to Home Page!
29 March 2001
Added The MacAfee Trilogy to the Home Page. Mini-Bio and Future Projects updated.
14 March 2001
Link to Wrath of the Spider added on Home Page. Jimmy Joe link removed.
13 March 2001
On the Links Page, added Amanda Factfile as well as her home page, Skewiee's World. Also included Furniture Porn, submitted by Ian.
12 March 2001
On the Links Page, added Manda Factfile and section from her, including: Eric Conveys an Emotion and The Killer Japanese Seizure Robots!. Also mentioned it on the Home Page. Removed mission MacAfee-Jankowski 2000 from Home Page.
11 March 2001
The Basket Case -or- Habib story and Worstell: THE MUSICAL posted on Home Page.
10 March 2001
Added mission MacAfee-Jankowski 2000 to "Missions In Progress" on Home Page.
5 March 2001
Added link to the new Official Jimmy Joe and the BOX Website on the Home Page.
1 March 2001
Added banner for The Gopher Gathering to Links Page.
5 February 2001
Added The Gopher Gathering Message Board to Home Page.
3 February 2001
On Links Page, added The Great Ocean Liners.
1 February 2001
Did final checks to all pages, making sure that all links worked and that nothing had been misplaced. Set counter on home page. Did Guestbook check. New page set in General Index. Page released to the public.
31 January 2001
Resumed work following a period of personal turmoil. Updated Home Page and Mini-Bio Page. Added release date on Home Page.
27 January 2001
Finished Mini-Bio and added picture. On Links Page, added Designs by Kresta-Leigh, Little Shop of Horrors, and HMS Hood Association. Created Future Projects Page. All pages Spell-Checked.
26 January 2001
On Home Page posted Mr. T ribbon of honor. On Links Page, links for Mr. T vs. Everything and The Official Britannic Research Centre added. E-Mail addresses added to all the Factfiles. Updates Log Page begun and posted on Home Page. Josh's Mini-Bio begun. Shawn, Andy, Bryan, Ian, and Kresta Factfiles added.
24 January 2001
History Page is completed, with text and pictures. Links Page is begun, and a bunch of sites are added. Also did the Factfiles for Josh, Angie, Jake, Dan, and Jeff.
23 January 2001
Having survived the Millennium and put MacMan: The Official Website into commission, I finally return to work on the HomePage. Text for the main page is done, links set, all pictures are added, Guestbook enabled, and counter put up. The History Page is begun.
3 November 2000
Work begins on the new HomePage. Site address chosen, background green added and black text chosen. Project put on hold due to work on The Unofficial House in the Woods Site.