Whitmer Quiz Bowl 1998

7 January 2005

Standing (L to R): Aliesha Daleska, Jeffery Osthimer, Michael Loga, Bryan MacAfee, Mr. Mel Ogrodowski.
Kneeling (L to R): Lucas Hoel, Lisa Bettinger, Jennifer Hurst. Not Pictured: Jeffery Haley, Weston Tucker.

This year Whitmer competed in the newly formed G.L.L. Quiz Bowl League. The standings in this league are based on points accumulated during competition on a Channel 30 game show called Brainstorm. The show is hosted by 92.5's Fred Lefevre. The show pits area high schools against one another on topics such as science, history, math, literature, and other general categories. After completing just two matches, Whitmer made it to the semi-final round.

Mr. Mel Ogrodowski, Quiz Bowl advisor, will be looking for new candidates to replace his four graduating seniors: Lisa Bettinger (captain), Jeffrey Haley, Lucas Hoel, and Weston Tucker.
Whitmer High School Oracle 1997-1998, Volume 68. (Minneapolis: Jostens, 1998), 162.

Sometimes I felt like I was the only one amongst my friends who did not engage in extra-curricular activities. Not that I had anything against them, but I just didn't find them particularly interesting.

This photo became something of a classic when it appeared in the 1997-98 yearbook, mostly due to MacAfee's triumphant stance, looking towards the stars. Also note the young Jeff in the middle of his Marilyn Manson phase. What a silly time it was.


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