Engaged 23 March 2002
    Updated 28 October 2016

Here is a collection of articles and other tidbits that I've written over the years.

Josh's Websites Lineage
28 October 2016
The full list of every site I've done, with upgrades and availibility.
Designing the JoshFest: 2004 Insignia
11 March 2013
Designing a graphic three years after the fact.
Designing the JoshFest: 2010 & 2011 Insignia
2 August 2012
Two years of JoshFest event patches for the price of one!
Photoplay: Sandwiches a la Movie
3 March 2012
Tasty sandwiches coordinated with early silent film stars.
Star Trek: TNG - Rascals Reconsidered
15 December 2011
Stopping to think about one of Star Trek's weirder episodes.
Alien³ Opening Title Sequence
25 July 2010
Just what exactly you're seeing during this movie's opening titles.
Designing the JoshFest: 2009 Insignia
13 July 2010
A starburst and the number ten make up this emblem.
Eurovision 2010
30 May 2010
My subjective opinions about the song contest held in Oslo.
How 3-D Tricks the Brain
4 May 2010
Why this recent trend in 3-D movies just ain't natural.
Alice in Wonderland Review
28 March 2010
A movie that wasn't good or bad, just visually impressive.
Metropolis Redux
12 February 2010
Fritz Lang's restored classic premieres in Berlin.
The Dragon Seekers: Of Dinosaurs and Darwin
17 November 2009
A report based on Christopher McGowan's The Dragon Seekers.
Josh's STS-127 Mission Patches
29 July 2009
Some not very serious attempts to get in the NASA design mood.
Moment of Independence: Questioning July 4
4 July 2009
Just what exactly are we celebrating on the Fourth of July?
GrubFest 2006 Badges
10 June 2009
Because a proper cookout provides insignia for its guests.
Jeanne d'Arc Reconsidered
30 May 2009
Reexamining a very clever peasant girl whose luck ran out.
Boxland Medical Instruments
13 May 2009
Trying to design wicked implements of alien medical mayhem.
A Logo for Mr. Black
27 April 2009
Mr. Andy Black and I decided he needed a personal emblem.
Charles Darwin at Two-Hundred
12 February 2009
Discussing the legacy of Charles Darwin on his 200th birthday.
2008 in Manned Spaceflight
12 January 2009
A commemorative look at a year in the world of people in space.
"Pygmalion" as British Imperialism
24 November 2008
Poor Eliza Doolittle is redeveloped to fit the needs of the Empire.
Google Lunar X Prize Entry
7 September 2008
Losing a design contest for the future of spaceflight.
Designing the JoshFest: 2008 Insignia
20 August 2008
I gaze over the good Earth in this design.
The Destruction of USA 193
21 February 2008
Why the US Navy blew up a satellite with a missile.
The Loony Bin
27 December 2006
MacAfee's short animated adventure if a bob and a boom.
Josh and Joe (I Mean Bryan)
4 March 2006
Our attempt to bring you news from a space station.
A Chechen Insurgency
17 August 2005
An insurgency is all a matter of perspective.
Chechnya: Very Briefly
28 April 2005
If you push long enough, something's eventually gonna break.
Whitmer Quiz Bowl 1998
7 January 2005
A goofy picture from the yearbook that we all enjoyed.
HomePage Revision 2004
8 November 2004
The HomePage renovation designed in 2004, installed in 2005.
George Bush Second Term Super Clock
7 November 2004
A cheeky count-up timer for everyone who flipped out in '04.
2004 Presidential Posters
24 October 2004
Multi-party political posters to get us through Election 2004.
Designing the JG Rank Insignia
16 September 2003
The process of creating JG Enterprises' ranks. Image intensive.
Josh's Chicago Review
5 March 2003
Or: How to turn an excellent stage show into silver screen fluff.
The Biggest Swine
30 May 2002
A fun little ditty from World War II. Print it and play it!
The Whitmer Hierarchy
25 October 2001
The life cycle of students at Whitmer High School, including their association with the Queen.
The Burt Reynolds Action Figure
13 October 2001
It's Burt Reynolds. It's an action figure. It's an action figure ... of Burt Reynolds! 'Nuff said!
Josh's Jurassic Park III Review
20 July 2001
My review of Jurassic Park III which I thought was okay on opening day. Not so much after.