The Whitmer Hierarchy

25 October 2001

An Explanation:

The Student Body is divided into two groups: Workers and Drones.

Heading over the students is the Queen, known to some as the Principal.

Workers and Drones have but one lot in life: According to their caste, they must perform certain duties their Senior year. Workers serve to gather food for and protect the Queen. Drones, on the other hand, exist only to mate with the Queen.

The Queen then lays eggs in the Egg Chambers beneath the school. It's fairly dark and hot down there.

From the eggs hatch Freshmen: hungry, irritable, and immature. They're nurtured well and mature through the years as they undergo metamorphosis through Sophomore and Junior.

When they become Seniors, the process begins anew in a cycle constantly renewing itself.

Drawn by Joshua Gulch, a Worker


Engaged 25 October 2001 | Updated 7 October 2015