The Biggest Swine

30 May 2002


Here is a copy of a folding piece which is selling like hot cakes here in London at a penny each. The "game," if game it is, is called "The Biggest Swine of All." Directions are self-explanatory.
London, England

"Biggest Swine." Letter. Life Magazine. 16 Oct. 1939: 107

Enjoy an odd little ditty from World War II! This folding puzzle was printed in the 16 October 1939 issue of Life Magazine, only a month and a half into the war, in a "Pictures to the Editors" column. Life offered a copy of the "game," which I've scanned for you to download above, the top graphic of the four swines linking to a copy sized for printing. Just print and fold away!

You might have already guessed who the biggest swine of all is, so here are the other two steps shown by Life.


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