The JoshFest '08 Insignia

20 August 2008

This article will cover the design process of the official JoshFest: 2008 insignia, with what I'm sure are just fascinating facts and anecdotes. Because you care about things like this.

I had originally published this article on my LiveJournal on 20 August 2008. For this edition I've included some extra thoughts and expanded on a number of ideas.

As always, all images link to larger ones.

I. The Right Shape.
The shape came about for little more reason than I wanted a rectangular patch and decided back in the winter to keep that in mind for JoshFest. A similar shape was drawn months and months earlier for the still-upcoming Aegir 22 flight to the Lederhosen 9 station that, since I'm so far behind on now, might be a while off yet. I'd entirely forgotten about the Aegir patch when I began drawing the JoshFest design, so here's a comparison. The first image is the prototype that set up a shape that I liked and the divisions (which I mostly threw out).

II. Looking Inside.
Viewing the wireframe shows some details that I hid underneath other layers to keep them from being seen. For the heck of it, here's the wireframe outlines for both versions of the JoshFest patch:

The drawing of my head ends below the nose since I didn't think it worthwhile to draw the entire thing. The alternate location for the moon is also visible as well as a solar flare and stars that I decided to leave out of the final product. Also, on the awkward patch, I considered adding the text, "oh what a world," but it just looked too tacked on and cluttered.

III. Shuttle Variants.
I wasn't initially sure about the direction this patch was headed in so I tried to convert it into space shuttle mission patches for the upcoming STS-119 and STS-127 flights next year. The results were less than thrilling and I eventually went off in entirely different directions trying to come up with some decent concepts for those patches. I have several finished, I just have to figure out who at NASA I have to send them to for consideration!

In any event, the official STS-119 mission patch was released only days after I finished this.

These two patches also have the first version of the Earth and clouds before I redid the landmass and the majority of the clouds. The big cloudbank remained but was shifted eastward. These aren't very shuttle program-like at all, which is why I trashed them.

IV. The Hidden Station
There's also a hidden easter egg. Down in the bottom left corner, hidden in the shadows of the Earth, is a tiny International Space Station passing through the darkness. It's on both the standard and awkward patches but is hard to see unless you're actually looking for it. Here's an enlargement of that area:

And with that I am completely finished and over with this patch. It is time to move onto future things.


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