HomePage Revision 2004

8 November 2004

I was never truly happy with the graphics on my HomePage that were added in March 2002. Not only were they a mite too large, but they weren't drawn with the best graphic program available (CompuWorks Draw2). As a result I was limited to what I drew, with shapes not turning out as I'd hoped. In particular, the program was rather poor with complex curves. In the end, the primary design intent never came across.

The intent was that each button had those blue spheroids on the back end. These were supposed to be Matrix-like electromagnetic emitters, holding the buttons together in a row (like the similar apparatus on the Nebuchadnezzar). They're positioned at 45 angles (imagine an X-shape if viewed head on). It didn't help that I never added a visible flow of energy between the emitters, so I don't think anyone ever realized what I was getting at.

The new version of these graphics replaces those electromagnetic emitters on each button in favor of two inward facing emitters on the top and bottom pieces. Each button is equipped with two braces, holding it to the energy stream that will finally be featured coursing from one emitter to another. The top and bottom pieces have had some refitting as well, gaining a number of upgrades including more antennas and a satellite dish on the bottom unit. There is also a couple of blinking light for effect.

The graphics were entirely redrawn in Adobe Illustrator. The examples shown above are the current designs and may change slightly before they're integrated with the website. They'll also be shrunken down slightly so as to take up a bit less room.

I don't yet have a timeframe for when these will go online.

Old Version : 2002 New Version : 2004

One further problem I've always had with the old graphics:


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