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What makes Andy so special to get an entire gallery of his own? The Andy Black Picture Palace was originally begun as a joke, but then grew into the gallery you see below. Witness the metamorphosis of a human being! This is the true meaning of the Internet!

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I give up, where is he?

Where's Waldo?
Photo Credit: Andy's Mum

Such serene beauty.

Josh strangles Andy at Sixth-grade camp.
Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

"Man, what IS that up there?!"

Andy checks out Jeff's ceiling.

Photo Credit: Jeff Osthimer

But still no one knew who the bigger nerd was.

Jeff and Andy pseudo-goth it up around 1998.
Photo Credit: Jeff Osthimer

"Mmmmm!" "Did you just make a yummy sound?"

Andy quenches his thirst.
Photo Credit: Nicole Foster

"Andy, have you seen my shirt with the flower design?  Andy?  Andy! What have I told you about that?!"

Andy wears his girlfriend's clothes again.
Photo Credit: Sarah Lewis

"Somebody get this kid to the restroom."

Andy mingles with Santa in 1998.
Photo Credit: Franklin Park Mall Photographer & Felicity Powers

Be honest with me.  Would you let him into your home?

Kramer, er... Andy smiles as a cloud overtakes him.
Photo Credit: Sarah Lewis

The Spotted Tree Andy is a common pest problem in large cities and metropolitan areas.

The Spotted Tree Andy shies away from nature documentry camera crews.
Photo Credit: Sarah Lewis

"Well if it ain't butter, then what the heck is it?!"

Andy contemplates life and the many mysteries of the universe.
Photo Credit: Angela Melzak

Pomp and circumstance.

Andy in graduation gear?!
Sunday 11 June 2000.

Photo Credit: Angela Melzak

Needless to say, poor Andy picks up radio frequencies as far away as Düsseldorf.

Andy demonstrates his many body piercings.
Tuesday 20 June 2000.

Photo Credit: Angela Melzak

"Hon, that kid's in the yard again!  Get me my bat!"

Andy gets the moves on later that evening!
Photo Credit: Angela Melzak

So maybe THAT'S Andy's problem...

Andy catches up on recent news.
Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

Toilet Duck works wonders on hair!

It makes you wonder ... really wonder....
Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

Look at Andy!  If there is a God, he certainly has lost control somewhere!

Andy poses with God.
Tuesday 24 April 2001.

Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

Andy Black, the world renowned concert pianist preps himself for the big show.  CLICK FOR MORE!

Andy gets all spiffed up! CLICK FOR MORE!
Sunday 13 May 2001.

Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

Don't ask.  Honest.

Andy standing with Shawn, God, and the giant Frog.
Monday 4 June 2001.

Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

Yes, I've changed all pertinant information, so don't bother yelling at me about it.

Andy's mug in his Driver's License.
Photo Credit: DMV Photographer

I say BZZZT, fly!

Andy as some sort of colorful bug.
Photo Credit: Jill Gulch

A fine feline friend

Andy and his cat, Bunk.
Wednesday 21 April 2004.

Photo Credit: Jill Gulch

Purple isn't just for horseshoes anymore.

Andy's hair now completes the spectrum.
Thursday 24 June 2004.

Photo Credit: Jill Gulch

Mach 1 Andy.

Andy breaks the sound barrier.
Photo Credit: Sami Jackson

... Good job, Andy.

Concentrating really hard, Andy conjurs up his own hand.
Photo Credit: Tristan Lear

I choose you.

ANDY: Coming this Fall to Fox.
Photo Credit: Tristan Lear

Andy's largest work of art.  CLICK FOR MORE!

Andy and the Technicolor Honda Civic.
Wednesday 6 April 2005

Photo Credit: Andy Black

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