The Early Years
1981 - 1986

Joshua Adam Gulch was born bright and early at 9:02 AM on the sunny and pleasant Monday morning of 17 August 1981 at Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio to David and Sandra Gulch. Temperatures in Toledo that day ranged from a low of 50 to a high of 80F with light wind, finally cooling off after a humid spell. What a lovely day to enter the world!
The Formative Years
1986 - 1994

In 1986 Josh began kindergarten at Shoreland Elementary School. There he learned such fundamental life skills as coloring inside the lines, writing cursive, and multiplication. It was at Shoreland where he began taking duel interests in science and history, two fields that would vie for his sole attention in a match to be settled in high school.
The Determinative Years
1994 - 2000

Moving up in the world, 1994-1996 were spent at Jefferson Junior High School before advancing on to Whitmer High School from 1996-2000. At Whitmer it became clear that history was Josh's prefered field of study, in no small part with the realization that his weakness in math would likely hinder a career in the sciences. In any event, history was decidedly more interesting.

In 1996 Josh began using the Internet, eventually developing this HomePage in April 1998.
The Academic Years
2000 - Present

Enrolling in the University of Toledo in 2001, Josh spent his first two years undeclared but with a vague computer graphic design angle before finally declaring a major in history.

There's been some setbacks and delays along the way but getting that degree something that he fully intends to do.


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