The Monthly MacAfee Log

Your monthly nutrition log.

Volume I Volume I:

November 2001

Overlooking the Atlantic seacoast...
The Mighty Fortress Is Our Bryan.

Volume II Volume II:

December 2001

When Santa goes off on his way,
Mrs. Clause comes out to play!

Volume III Volume III:

January 2002
Happy New Year!
Let the hoedown begin!

Volume IV Volume IV:

February 2002
It's love at first sight!
MacAfee and Albie

Uh oh... March 2002

Due to tensions between the Scottish and the Irish,
there was no Monthly MacAfee for the month of March.
It was an attempt to keep peace in the Isles.

Volume V Volume V:

April 2002

April is Der Führer Month!
MacAfee doing his best Hitler
impression at Sixth Grade camp.
"Eva, Auf Wiedersehen!"

Volume VI Volume VI:

May 2002

It's Spring!
Love is in the air, and MacAfee's
picked up some unlikely sidekicks!
"Oh, decisions. I'll take 'em both!"

Volume VII Volume VII:

June 2002

A very rare photograph, indeed!
This is the the only known picture
showing both Josh and MacAfee
at Sixth Grade camp! What a find!

Oh my... July & August 2002

The Monthly MacAfee went on Summer Hiatus for two months. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I hope everyone had a fine summer without the grinning face of a supergoon.

Volume VIII Volume VIII:

September 2002

As summer ends, we can reflect on our
fun in the sun, if we actually went outside.
Before the leaves fall and the weather turns
cold, rejoice the summer past with a nice pickle.

Volume IX VOlume IX:

October 2002

Happy Halloween!
Josh and MacAfee very excited, ready
and rearin'to go Trick-or-Treating in 1993.
Josh is the time display from Back to the Future,
and MacAfee is a soldier from his father's regime.

Volume X Volume X:

November 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! MacAfee en route to Washington, DC in 7th Grade.
Should you choose to travel this holiday season,
then may the Spirit of Bryan bless your voyages.

Volume XI Volume XI:

December 2002

The Monthly MacAfee was only to last a year.
This final issue features MacAfee and his buddy Josh's Dad on vacation in 1996.
We've had our good times, and thank you for viewing.

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