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Marie Jarden

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Whatever can I say about Marie? She's a troublemaker to the nth degree, yet she has the ability to remain a delightful sweetheart. Marie's a unique blend of mischief and goodwill, with the ability to always cheer me up when I'm glum.

All professional like!

Marie doesn't seem to like this picture.
But I think she looks good in it.

Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

A senior picture.
Another senior picture. Yet another senior picture.

Marie's high school senior pictures!
Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

Making a face

Being her silly little self!
Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

Being cute

Awwww. Isn't she just the cutest?
Photo Credit: Marie Jarden


Magnification! It is Science!!
Photo Credit: Josh Gulch


Possibly plotting the overthrow of Socialism.
Alternate Version of Photo

Photo Credit: Jeff Osthimer

Oh she is sooo cute!

Just when you thought she couldn't get any more
adorable, Marie goes and does this.

Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

Mooooooove along now.
Marie and a friend at Gophers Before Christmas 2003.
Friday 12 December 2003

Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

In remembrance

Marie and her beloved kitty Scratch. He is greatly missed.
Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

Ahead warp factor 3.

Marie is an expert automobile pilot.
Friday 25 June 2004

Photo Credit: Josh Gulch

Is your refrigerator running?

Marie does many important things at work.
Like using the telephone...

Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

Yeah, it's not explodin' yet!

... And making sure that you and I do not die.
Photo Credit: Marie Jarden

What is with this earth female?

Click for Cris' Graduation Party gallery

Marie has a friend in every port. Take these flowers for instance.
Saturday 7 August 2004

Photo Credit: Ian Malcolm

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