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Welcome to the Shopping Center! This the place to find all of your officially licensed Josh gear! T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, bumper stickers! Everything you'll ever need to be an awesome person in life.

Some items have small proceeds that go towards my effort. That's my gift to me from you.

Josh's Boat - Enter shop Josh's Boat
Enter shop

I always draw myself wearing this little ditty of a shirt. The idea is that I make a fuss over the difference between ships and boats, so calling this ship a boat is obviously wrong. It's ironic, see?
Josh's Boat
Life Rolled Me a One - Enter shop Life Rolled Me a One
Enter shop

This idea came about when I was making fun of Jeff. I did an impression of him saying geeky things, and "life rolled me a one" sort of came out. Now you can show the world how downtrodden you really are. Perfect for gamers and gamblers alike!
Life Rolled Me a One
Communism No! - Enter shop Communism No!
Enter shop

Do your capitalist duty by purchasing the shirt worn by Ian on the Internet! I know what you're thinking: sometimes the "No!" is above, sometimes it's under. Under is more appropriate, but sometimes I just screw up when I'm drawing the comics.
Communism No!
Queen Zygote - Enter shop Queen Zygote
Enter shop

Who's your favorite prenatal monarch? That's right, it's Queen Zygote! Originally conceived for a never realized comic, Queen Zygote nonetheless proved popular enough for a while there to garner her own t-shirt.
Queen Zygote
Sector Josh - Enter shop Sector Josh
Enter shop

SECTOR JOSH was established as a sort of a block watch and extension of Homeland Security. We've since left Homeland behind because they only tap dance compared to our global breakdancing.
Sector Josh
Jeff's Linux - Enter shop Jeff's Linux
Enter shop

Jeff's been depicted wearing this Linux shirt for years now, so it's become even more iconic than his beard. Still, this is a minimalist way to show your computer elitism. Not recommended for Unix users.
Jeff's Linux
The Phil Shirt - Enter shop The Phil Shirt
Enter shop

Phil is pretty much derided by all of humanity. His only saving grace is this shirt designed especially for him. This is perfect for the next time you need to be kicked in the face.
The Phil Shirt
The Felicity Empire - Enter shop The Felicity Empire
Enter shop

Felicity intends to be elected to public office, and from there extend her influence to form a massive empire. With these shirts you can get in good with the ruling class before the iron fist comes down. It may be beneficial in the long run.
The Felicity Empire

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