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Thinking myself suitably creative, I've tried a number of times in writing and acting, usually without much success. Presented here, in it's near entirity is my very own filmography.

Writing Credits.
Jimmy Joe and the BOX
Jimmy Joe and the BOX II: Return From the BOX
Jimmy Joe and the BOX III: Trouble in the BOX
The Story of SOMETHING!
I Don't Get It

Screenplay Credits.
Jimmy Joe and The BOX: The Motion Picture
Jimmy Joe and the BOX II
Shumi-Shumi Man VI
I Don't Get It: The Feature Film
MacMan vs. SulfurGuy
Titanic II: The Wrath of Jack (with Mike Walter)
Wrath of the Spider: The Film (with Ian Malcolm)

Acting Credits.
A House in the Woods ... as Old Woman / Grandma Borg
Robespierre and the Jacobins ... as Robespierre / Corday / Jacobin conspiritor #1

The Basket Case -or- Habib (with Bryan MacAfee)
E-Z Robot Repair (with Bryan MacAfee)
Worstell: THE MUSICAL (with Bryan MacAfee)
Farewell to MacAfee (with Ian Malcolm)
The '50's (with Ian Malcolm)
Wrath of the Spider (with Ian Malcolm)
Once Upon a Mattress (Unofficial Crewman)

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