Update Log

This is for all of you who actually visit the site on a regular enough basis that you know if something's changed. If this is your first time here, and you don't ever plan on returning again, then this is obviously the wrong page for you to be at and may as well just return to the home page. But for those of you intrepid enough to return now and again, here's what's new since your last visit:

16 May 2008.
No update, but I did do some site-wide housekeeping including re-scanning the images from Series I and II.
08 Dec 2007.
Series VI (2006 & 2007) finally added.
07 Jan 2006.
Series V (Living Color) added.
10 Oct 2005.
Series IV (Return) finally added.
30 Sep 2005.
Updated the site a bit. In particular, I added a Links page. The About page has also been updated to reflect changes in the past nine months.
11 Jan 2005.
Series III (Snatch) added.
02-03 Jan 2005.
Construction of this website.
01 Jan 2004.
Series II (New Years) drawn.
23 Oct 2004.
Series I (Bowling) drawn.

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