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Series VI

It's about bloody well time! There hasn't been an outpouring of Jeff mutilation in the past year, so there isn't a whole lot to update with. This is everything from March 2006 until April 2007, after which I didn't do any new drawings. However, there are always Christmas miracles, so stay tuned for some Jeff-filled holiday annihilation!

Jeff Get His Block Knocked Off

We were at Rudy's Hotdogs eating anything but hotdogs when I did this one. After a long day of Dungeons & Dragons, dinner offered relaxation and a time for reorganizing one's thoughts.

What I mean to say is that dinner fixated my mind on killing Jeff with the Eighties.

This had debuted early in A Pic A Day Issue 9.

Jurassic Jeff

This had started out with the intention of Jeff being gorged by a rhinoceros, but that sort of developed into this sort of exaggerated super-Triceratops.

Yes, I am well aware of the eating habits of Triceratops.

This drawing and the following two were done during the Gophers of Summer.

Jeff in the Grinder

This is sort of a metaphor about Jeff's life, as he's fed through the works to feed the population. Jeffreys are an excellent source of protein!

Jeff Parachutes Over Tokyo

There's nothing like an awful World War II joke to brighten the day. This is an ode to all of those Looney Toons where the Coyote would open his parachute only to find an anvil inside. Same idea, different twist.

I am well aware that Tokyo was never A-bombed. Thank you, doctor.

Jeff Didn't Make a Very Good Pirate

Our D&D campaign at the time was wrought with naval battle and piracy, plus quasi-governmental factions and their own state-instituted corsairs (operating without letters of marque, no less).

This is about Jeff having all his limbs whacked off and still wanting to go at it, like a cross between Monty Python's Black Knight and Johnny Got His Gun.

Jeff Disagrees With Krushchev

This drawing is the companion piece to "Stalin's Easier to Draw" in Issue 11 of A Pic A Day.

Mecha-Khrushchev (from Ian in Communism Land) took so freakin' long to draw for this that I did the Mecha-Stalin piece as a follow-up because the mustachioed one is so much easier to illustrate.

If you didn't catch the reference, this is a spoof of the time that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev lost his patience and banged his shoe on his desk during a debate at the UN. I have a page drawn up of this incident that will be included in my coloring book, whenever I get around to completing it.

Jeff Upset an Indian Tribe

Jeff has made some enemies in his day, but none of them have smeared his face with marmalade and left him buried up to his neck in the desert. Apparently a simple "I'm sorry" didn't suffice.

Jeff Dives Too Deep

It's long been Jeff's dream to go deep-sea diving. Unfortunately he left port without the proper equipment to counter the immense pressures at the bottom of the sea.

That squid hates Andy Black something fierce.

The Russian Space Program Falls on Hard Times

The Russian space program, though at many times ahead of our own in experience and development, has always had a quaint garage-built quality to it.

Recent cuts in the program's budget have caused the Russians to not only reconsider their next generation spacecraft, named Kliper, but could also eventually result in the need to use whatever existing equipment they have laying around to maintain their space program.

Jeff Encounters the Womb Monster

The prospect of children in Jeff's future becomes ever more real with each passing day. I personally have no use for children and expect those around me to be similarly ambivalent, but I do understand this is not always the case.

For Jeff, the threat of the womb monster lies ahead. He must be brave. He must be strong. He must be darned certain that I'm not going to baby-sit.
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Engaged 8 December 2007 | Updated 8 December 2007