About This Site

Welcome to the Internet web site "Poor, Poor Jeff!" This is a site featuring drawings I've made of one of my best friends being horribly mutilated in the wickedest of ways. Rather than write a fancy essay about the site's background, I'll do a question and answer session instead.

Who is this Jeff?

The Jeff in question is my very good friend, Jeff Osthimer. Jeff is currently a computer technologies teacher at the University of Toledo, in Ohio. He also holds the rank of Admiral and serves as Chief of Engineering at JG Enterprises, Inc. Jeff also married Erin Byrne in June 2005, and they have two dogs.

Who is the sick mind behind this site?

That would be me, Joshua Gulch, also of Toledo. "Poor, Poor Jeff" is my latest entry onto the Internet. I was also the mind behind the webcomic Ian in Communism Land. I also have an assortment of other art sites online, which can be accessed from this site's home page. I too am an Admiral at JG Enterprises, serving the position of Chief of Operations. I'm a history major at the University of Toledo, hoping to find a use for myself in the world. Unlike Jeff, I am not married to anyone.

Do you hate Jeff? How can you draw such terrible pictures of him? What is wrong with you?

No no no, I really do like Jeff. As I said, he's one of my bestest friends. These drawings started quite by accident. A fuller telling of the creation of this concept is explained on the Series I page. A long story short, sometimes it's just really fun to draw horrific images. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just that you can't always be content with drawing Communist robots fighting each other. These are quickie pictures that serve both as practice to develop better drawing skills, but also to vent some pent-up drawing aggressions. I hold nothing at all against Jeff. But having them happen to one person maintains a certain consistency that I like so much.

Was it really necessary to put an age limit on this site?

There's some pretty disgusting and gruesome things that I've drawn and displayed. So this site isn't for the faint of heart I would imagine. The drawings are sure to just keep getting worse, and I don't want to get into trouble for upsetting youngsters on the Internet. So if you're under the age of 18, or are offended by cartoon displays of violence and mutilation, then you shouldn't view this website.

How often does this site update?

Updates are totally random. I have no plans to ever have scheduled updates for this site. I'll update whenever I happen to draw anything for it. These pictures aren't something I really want to get locked into, as you can probably imagine.

How do you draw these?

These are just quick and dirty drawings done with a Sharpie marker on white typing paper. Shading is done with a series of grey-shade Prismacolor markers (10% - 90% cool greys). Then I scan and upload them to the website. On very irregular occassions I may be tempted to use color or other mediums, as I did in Series V.

Who inspired these drawings?

Those who were around me when I was working on them! These people include, in alphabetical order and ignoring whether or not they ever spoke to me again:

Devin Collins, Phil Dake, Marie Jarden, Tahirih Kuhns, Cristine Larsen, Ian Malcolm, James Malcolm, Charles Meyer, Katy Murray, Erin Osthimer, Jeff Osthimer, and Felicity Powers.

Do you ever gross yourself out?

I find the pudding drawing in Series II to be pretty disgusting, yes.

Engaged 2 January 2005 | Updated 7 January 2006