Engaged 6 July 2005.
   Updated 20 October 2005.
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This is for all of you who actually visit the site on a regular enough basis that you know if something's changed. If this is your first time here, and you don't ever plan on returning again, then this is obviously the wrong page for you to be at and may as well just return to the home page. But for those of you intrepid enough to return now and again, here's what's new since your last visit:

20 OCT 2005.
Brought Osthimer House Monitoring up to date. Updated Personnel page. Added Sector Josh Clothing & Accessories.
19 JUL 2005.
Added color coding to Osthimer House Updates.
09 JUL 2005.
Two more incriminating photos added.
08 JUL 2005.
Added insignia for Osthimer House Monitoring.
07 JUL 2005.
Website goes online.
06 JUL 2005.
Website constructed.