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Hat #6 #6: Sombrero

18 December 2005.

This was part of the Twelve Josh in Hats Before Christmas, which ran in December 2005. This particular hat was the sixth day.

Despite major blood loss and only being able to effectively type with one hand, the show, as they say, must go on!

Super special thanks to Katy Murray for the hat!


Day six dawned so very full of promise
But it quickly dwindled into bloody doom
A little mariachi brightened things up
Before we had to go to the emergency room

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These photos were taken in the early part of what was planned to be Gophers Before Christmas 2005. Things quickly fell apart and it was entirely my fault.

I had previously worn the same bandana and serape in 2001, only the hat was different. This photo was the reason I chose that particular bandana, despite the comments I received for it:

in 2001
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