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Hat #5 #5: Recruit Ballcap

17 December 2005.

This was part of the Twelve Josh in Hats Before Christmas, which ran in December 2005. This particular hat was the fifth day.

I'm not only tired and have a headache, but I also need to get up at a decent hour tomorrow to get things together. For that reason, this isn't a very spectacular photo shoot. If it's any consolation, I look kind of how I feel.

recruit ballcap

Day five and no glamorous rings of gold
A degenerate, not even society can save
Something easy tonight: Josh needs sleep
So he can get up early and finally shave
recruit ballcap

It's probably a good thing that I had so much trouble getting a decent photo of me looking like this. My inspiration was Kevin Federline. May he never inspire me again.

For as easy as I was hoping to make these photos, I wound up trashing my room and had to spend a bit of extra time cleaning up. So "easy" wasn't really the word of the night after all.
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