Daniel Norton for President of Ireland

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Enjoy these early photos from the Dan Norton campaign trail!

Celebrating the startA thistle gift
Daniel Norton celebrates his entry into the Presidential race at the party headquarters in Dublin.Daniel Norton was presented with a gift of thistle for friendship, luck, and future good relations after a visit to Scotland.
Eating a pieTaking an important telephone call
Daniel Norton samples a pie from an eatery in Killarney.Daniel Norton speaks to United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair over the telephone.
Daniel Norton's dogMeeting a citizen
Sire Branagh, Daniel Norton's beloved pet dog.Daniel Norton hits the streets and meets with the citizens, such as this lass in Mulrany.
Pointing to a new futureDan and Don
Daniel Norton speaking early in the campaign, pointing the way to the future.A noted literary buff, Daniel Norton recently attended a Don Quixote appreciation seminar.

2007; Paid for by the Citizens for Norton