Daniel Norton for President of Ireland

Daniel Norton enters the race for President of Ireland!

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Welcome to the official website of the Daniel Norton for President campaign. Though the election isn't until 2011, we believe there needs to be a voice of reason above the current administration of the "Honourable" Mary McAleese.

A staunch supporter of Home Rule, Daniel Norton aims to revitalize Irish politics and improve relations with our neighbours. A closer relationship with Northern Ireland will be emphasized, along with Scotland, England, and Wales. Daniel Norton also promises to maintain better ties with the Dail and Seanad than his predecessors had.

What does this mean for you? A better standard of living for all Irish citizens, no matter their beliefs or background. With improved ties to the United Kingdom, Ireland may become even closer in trade and partnership across the British Isles and Europe. Daniel Norton wishes to usher in a new era of affluence and prosperity for all.

We're still early on in the campaign and this website will grow as election day nears. Stick with us for a new future on the Emerald Isle!

Vote Norton in '11!

2007; Paid for by the Citizens for Norton