The Anti-Phil Club

Phil on Phil

   Engaged Dec 7, 2005
   Updated Apr 22, 2006
Kill the Phil.
Cut his Throat.
Spill his Blood.
The world has a cancer. The cancer is Phil.

We spend our lives being told to be tolerant of others, to appreciate differences and embrace diversity. That's all well and good, and not terribly difficult to do. However, there are parts of society that cannot be ignored. Anomalies that stand out like a sore thumb and simply cannot be tolerated or understood.

Phil Dake is such an instance.

We at the Anti-Phil Club believe that it is our solemn duty, as members of the great human family, to repress and discriminate this fugitive of society. Only then can we build a better future for our children.

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In cooperation with:   SECTOR JOSH
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