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   Engaged 2 May 2006
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About Paul

Paul Paul David Arquette was born on the 2nd of May, 1986 in Toledo, Ohio. He attended Whitmer High School where he studied computer networking under Dr. Jeffrey Osthimer. Graduating in 2000, he took his skills to the University of Toledo where he majored in Computer Science and Engineering Technologies, and was often called upon to solve their tech problems and load toner into the many printers around campus.

He has attempted to capitalize on his knowledge of computer and networking technologies and opened the web-based consulting firm Beyond Unix with the finest entrepreneurial spirit in 2004. On a more personal note, he also reports on the current events in his life through accounts on MySpace and LiveJournal.

Paul likes to take it easy and be laid-back about life, understanding the need to relax and forget his worries. At least that's what he says, for though he often gives this outward appearance, it may actually be a clever façade. A noted group of research assistants brought it to public attention that, while Paul is often photographed engaging in social activities, he does not always look pleased or entirely comfortable with his situation.

A grant was allotted to the study of this phenomenon. Researchers poured over thousands of photographs and took notes on yellow pads trying in vain to find proof that Paul may harbor a secret fear of having his photo taken. Genealogists have attempted to trace his lineage back to aboriginal groups whose religious practices may view photography as a sin against God and psychologists have interviewed him to explore the possibility of a long-forgotten childhood trauma. It has become the all-consuming goal of this close-knit group of degree-holding people to get to the bottom of this situation and save Paul's emotional state, if not his very soul.

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