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This is for all of you who actually visit the site on a regular enough basis that you know if something's changed. If this is your first time here, and you don't ever plan on returning again, then this is obviously the wrong page for you to be at and may as well just return to the comic's home page. But for those of you intrepid enough to return now and again, here's what's new since your last visit:

26 Nov 06.
Volume XIV is released.
11 Oct 06.
Volume XIII is released.
07 Jul 06.
Volume XII is released.
08 May 06.
Volume XI is released. Communism No! store is opened, a new piece of art by Phil is available, and I updated the about the comic page.
03 Apr 06.
Volume K.III is released.
25 Mar 06.
A new section featuring related art is added.
01 Mar 06.
Volume K.II is released.
01 Feb 06.
After more than a year, Ian in Communism Land returns! Volume K.I is released, beginning the Khrushchev's Dream segment. It's good to be back. Here's to finishing this sucker the right way!
31 Dec 04.
Volume X is released. Happy New Year!
13 Dec 04.
Volume IX is released. Added some wallpaper in 1024x768 and 1280x1024 resolutions. Also added a feedback form.
22 Nov 04.
Website finally complete (after some delays). Also, a much clearer scan of "Communism and You."
18 Nov 04.
Construction begins on the dedicated "Ian in Communism Land" home page.
13 Nov 04.
After a delay Volume VIII is released, along with a scan of the concept sketch for it.
07 Jul 04.
Volume VII released, as well as an article on the meaning of 'CCCP'.
15 Jun 04.
Volume VI released.
25 May 04.
Volume V released. A special behind the scenes article accompanies it.
18 May 04.
Volume IV released a month late.
15 Mar 04.
Volume III released.
19 Feb 04.
After some difficulty, Volume II is released. It was a special guest comic.
04 Jan 04.
"Ian in Communism Land" debuts on The Gopher Gathering with Volume I.
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Updated 26 November 2006.
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