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This is where you can find some Ian in Communism Land related artwork that doesn't otherwise fit elsewhere on the website. Some of it was drawn in conjunction with the comic, but most of it is independent of and only vaguely tied into the story.

Ian and the Alien

Ian and the Alien | 10 April 2004
Drawn by Josh Gulch

This was drawn, along with a gaggle of other scribbles, one day when Shawn and Carey were over for a visit. Obviously it's Ian and an alien, perhaps about to do battle. Ian is not impressed.
Stalin's Song

Stalin's Song | 31 July 2004
Drawn by Josh Gulch

Everyone's favorite dictator lets loose during his free time. This one was drawn over dinner at Friendly's after an attempt at bowling.
Khrusuchev Doesn't Like You

Khrushchev Doesn't Like You | 21 October 2004
Drawn by Josh Gulch

Coming out of a visit from Andy Black was this drawing of former Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev. This was the first time I've drawn Khrushchev as a full person, and not just a cyborg.
Ian and Phil

Ian and Phil | 2005
Drawn by Phil Dake

Phil provided this excellent depiction of Ian and himself that he did with CorelDraw. It kinda makes me jealous because his Ian looks so much more like Ian than mine does.
Mecha, Mecha Stalin

Mecha, Mecha Stalin | 14 January 2006
Drawn by Josh Gulch

I have this peculiar tendency to have Mecha-Stalin sing songs and generally act pretty fruity. These are glimpses of his life when he's not tormenting Ian. Consider also "Stalin's Song" (above) or "I Touch Myself" (below).
I Touch Myself

I Touch Myself | 14 February 2006
Drawn by Josh Gulch

For Valentine's Day I decided to do something special. I drew a comic featuring Stalin signing "I Touch Myself," by the Divinyls. It's a sexy song, and I liked the idea of having my favorite lyrical dictator belting the words.
Felicity is A-Okay!

Felicity is A-Okay! | 12 March 2006
Drawn by Josh Gulch

The Commie Land cast thinks Stalin's sucking up to get on Felicity's good side. After all, if she wins the upcoming election with her "free will is overrated" platform, then only those who made a good impression early on will have a say in their own lives as an extreme case of cronyism spreads over the nation. This was drawn on a Big Boy placemat, since Big Boy is where all important matters of state are discussed.
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