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Hat #11 #11: Stocking Cap

23 December 2005.

This was part of the Twelve Josh in Hats Before Christmas, which ran in December 2005. This particular hat was the eleventh day.

This was going to be a better hat, but I failed to get the stuff I needed out of my parent's closet before they went to bed. So you get this instead.

stocking cap

Day eleven, and something foul's afoot
A bandit, striking fear into the heart
Causing mischief, crimes and foul play
While strealing priceless works of art
stocking cap

Note the special appearance of "Communism After Dark."

To better catch the "deer in the headlights" appearance, these were done in complete darkness using only the camera's flash as the light source. This gives these photos a different feel than the others which were done with the lights on.

I don't have a black turtleneck so that's the dickie from the Star Trek uniform whose color I later adjusted in Photoshop.
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