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The Gopher Gathering Message Forum
Established February 4, 2001

The Gopher Gathering Charter:

To protect the world from Communism,
to give paddlin's to those who have wronged,
and to preserve the Danish way of living.

Special Thanks To:

The folks at Network54, for hosting the forum and chat.

iPowerWeb, the server on which all the sub-pages are on.

All the members we've had over the years, who kept this forum alive.

Teachers of America.


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Small Print:

The Gopher Gathering was created and is maintained by Joshua Gulch.
Neither Gulch nor the other members claim any responsibility for actions
of any person who mistakes any information on this message board.
This board cannot charge any sort membership fee, nor can we ban any
individual or groups without proper provocation.
Proper rules have been established, meaning that we are not
at fault for any misunderstandings by outside groups.
JG Enterprises, Inc. is a nonprofit organization.

End Matter:

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