The Rules

When visiting The Gopher Gathering, it would be just super if the following rules were followed:
  1. Admittance
    No spiders or Visigoths allowed. Other than that, anyone's allowed to post.

  2. Sex
    This isn't a porn forum, though I'm sure Ian could supply you with one of those. Occasional comments are okay, but don't make it X-rated. Inappropriate material posted to the board will be removed.

  3. Harassment
    Don't be that guy. Don't use this board to spread rumors or make attacks on others. You can harass one another all you like, but if anything is posted with the direct intention of belittling a single person or group, then it will be deleted. This includes petty arguments. Take these off board, because no one wants to watch you fight. Play nice!

  4. Nonsense posts
    Don't post just to take up room or have more posts than someone else. Things that don't make a worth-while contribution to the board will probably be removed.

  5. Pseudonyms
    Don't post under fake names. On the Gopher Gathering, everybody uses their real names and it's appreciated that you do the same. Exceptions to this rule are only if you've been around long enough that we know who you are anyway.

  6. Advertising
    This isn't a billboard. Messages trying to sell a massage sofa or trips to Hawaii will be deleted. Advertisers should not take advantage of this board to promote their products and any such misuse will be deleted. Now, posting to say that your sister's selling Girl-Scout cookies is fine.

  7. Network54
    Network54 has their own set of rules concerning board usage. While the above items concern the Gopher Gathering in particular, they also hold true to the Network54 Terms of Use. Please abide by them, so that Network54 doesn't need to step in.

  8. Josh's rights
    As moderator, Josh reserves the right to delete or edit posts which he'll do if the above rules are broken. He likes to be pretty lenient, so don't push him okay?
Aside from that, the board is free play. Have fun, that's what it's here for.

Happy postin'!

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