About the Site

A Pic A Day was a little experiment pretty much for myself. I like to think that if I draw a little bit every day then my artistic skills will improve. To that regard, I was going to try to draw at least one picture each day. The pictures were to have been at random, though maybe I'd toss in a story now and then. I would mainly be using a Sharpy marker, but might mix mediums if I were feeling creative.

I had a good system going for about a month, but things began to interfere. I found myself not taking the time to draw something every day, and when school resumed from the summer I had even less time to worry about that. So the notion of "a pic a day" sort of ended, but the idea of posting artwork remains.

I find scanning to be a pain, so I'll update this page with at the end of every two week period with the accumulated artwork from that time.

Engaged 6 March 2006 | Updated 6 March 2006