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This is for all of you who visit the website on a regular enough basis that you know if something has changed. If this is your first time here, and you do not ever plan on returning again, then this is the wrong page for you and you should return to the home page. But for those of you intrepid enough to return now and again, here is what is new since your last visit:

17 Nov 2012.
Rescanned the photos from Gophers Before Christmas 2003 and uploaded larger versions of them. And yet, the 2008 and 2009 galleries remain incomplete...
4 Jan 2012.
Added New Year's 2012.
4 Jan 2011.
Added New Year's 2011.
21 Jun 2010.
Added Summerfest 2009.
14 Feb 2010.
Added Robocop & Gingerbread.
3 Jan 2010.
Added New Year's 2010, Holiday Movie Day 2009, RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza, Six Foot Turkey Day 2009, New Year's 2009, Holiday Movie Day 2008, and Six Foot Turkey Day 2008.
24 Aug 2009.
Added JoshFest: 2009 and RiffTrax Live. This includes special pages dedicated to Charles' photos and the JoshFest live blogging log.
9 Jul 2009.
Added 2009 Miscellania, Ice Cream Outing, Cheezeburger Picnic, New Star Trek, Late Night IHOP, and JoshFest: 2008.
6 Jun 2009.
Replaced all the photos in Grubfest 2006 with remastered versions in recognition of the event's upcoming third anniversary. Where does the time go?
20 Apr 2009.
Added Red Dwarf Series One, Indiana Jones Marathon, Toho Movie Day, Pre-Halloween Horror Film Day, 2008 Miscellania, Retrieving Carey, Shatner Day 2009, and Star Trek Marathon.
5 Nov 2008.
Added Halloween Party 2008.
5 Jul 2008.
Added Summerfest 2008 and Independence Day 2008.
30 Jun 2008.
Added Spring Semester 2007, Fall Semester 2007, Spring Semester 2008, Battlestar Galactica Marathon, Shatner Day 2008, Awkward Movie Day, Ironman, and Dan's Birthday 2008.
9 Mar 2008.
Added Gophers Before Christmas 2007, Games at the Malcolms, and Osthimers in Italy.
19 Feb 2008.
Added Katie's Birthday 2008, Last Day 2007, JoshFest: 2007, Par for the Gophers, Scrubs Season Three Marathon, Scrubs Season Two Marathon, and JoshFest: 2002.
3 Jan 2008.
Added Easter Egg Workshop, Summer Marathon, Josh has Americone Dream, Halloween Party 2007, Big Boy Hopping, Kim's Birthday Party, Six Foot Turkey Day Marathon, Wok and Games, Library & Spaghetti, and New Year's 2008. Also added four unreleased photos to JoshFest: 2006.
20 Oct 2007.
Added the very late Ian God Party and An Attempt at Sailing.
12 Jun 2007.
Added JoshFest: 2000. This site now covers seven years of my life!
7 Jun 2007.
Added JoshFest: 2006 and Gophers Before Christmas 2006. Past gopher gatherings have been dual-hosted on this site as well as on the Gathering's own section: Gopherpalooza, Gophers Before Christmas 2002, Gophers Before Christmas 2003, Gophers in the Park, Gophers Before Christmas 2004, Revenge of the Gophers, Gophers Before Christmas 2005, and The Gophers of Summer. This officially takes the galleries on this site back to 2002.
6 Jun 2007.
Added Chicken Night at BW3, Black Snake Moan, and Star Wars' Thirtieth Anniversary.
2 Jun 2007.
Added Paper Airplane Build-off, Party at Kim's II, Beethoven's Ninth, Party at Kim's III, and 2007 Miscellania.
25 Mar 2007.
Finally finished the galleries for New Year's 2004, New Year's 2006, Bryanball, Malcolm Graduation Party, 2006 Miscellania New Year's 2007, and Hot Sizzlin' Wok. Rehosted the gallery for Mac & T.
24 Mar 2007.
Added Party at Kim's.
24 Feb 2007.
Added Mountain Dew.
15 Dec 2006.
Added The Last Day of School, Fall 2006 and Felicity Chews on Everything.
14 Dec 2006.
Added The Twelve Days of Christmas archive.
4 Dec 2006.
Added The End of Fall 2006.
19 Nov 2006.
Added Flu Shots Day, Getting the Wii, and The Phantom Riffing.
5 Nov 2006.
This is going to be a heck of an update. There's only one new gallery, and that's Employee of the Month. But there's fifteen older galleries that I've transferred over from the now-defunct Gopher Fun site: Grubfest 2006, Dungeons and Dragons, Out Bowling, Episode III on DVD, Tetris Party, 7 January 2005, Drawing on Phil, Christmas Party 2004, Erin's 22nd Birthday, Cris' Graduation Party, Phil's Graduation Party, Ian's 21st Birthday, Independence Day 2004, Jeff's 22nd Birthday, Messing With Jeff's Car, and Tah's 22nd Birthday. I also restructured the layout of the Albums page breaking it into years. Whew!
1 Nov 2006.
Added Thanksgiving 2005 and Getting Rid of Jeffy. I'm trying to get some older albums online.
29 Oct 2006.
Added Malcolm Halloween Party and a second page of more photos. Also added Kim's Halloween Party from last year.
23 Oct 2006.
Added The Haunting and Jakab's Bachelor Party.
15 Oct 2006.
Added Chinese and Risk and Phil's Wheelchair.
15 Oct 2006.
Added Erin's Birthday Party.
14 Oct 2006.
Added Aimless Meanderings.
13 Sep 2006.
Added mc chris in Cleveland and mc chris in Lorain.
11 Sep 2006.
Added Jeff's Dinner Party and Felicity's Birthday Party as well as two older galleries, JoshFest: 2004 and JoshFest: 2006.
10 Sep 2006.
Began working on the site.

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