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Hi. I am Vegisaurus. I am a Velociraptor. In the Raptor language, I am know as "Snarl Growl Roar Snarl", however, you Humans out there can just call me Josh.

This is my very first web page, so if it's not good (which it more than likely isn't) then I give you the right to scream at Bryan MacAfee (my new agent). He made me write all the bad stuff! Kill him. He's the one! Really, he is!

Ever wonder if the fool who made this pathetic excuse for a web page is online right now? You probably haven't, and could really care less, right? Well, anyways, this may still prove to be a fun little waste of time. Locate Vegisaurus

Well, this is a nifty place that allows me to whine online. Try 'er out.

For those three people out there who just might care, here is my filmography. It details the important media work I've done.

Josh's Filmography

Ok, here it is! After the long wait, it's finally here in all its glory!
The Official Jimmy Joe and the BOX Website!
This is what we've all been waiting for! It's the Ultimate, Official guide to the universe of Jimmy Joe! Go here! It's a kazillion times better than this pathetic place.

My friend Tracy also makes web pages. She, along with Mewers, work 'round the clock in an attempt to make her pages the best ones on the web. Or maybe they don't. And that's ok! All that's important is that you want to get out of this dumb page A.S.A.P, so therefore I encourage you to check out her pages. Oh yeah. When you get to TKskaGirL's Home Page, pay special attention to how she used one of my *ingenius* ideas for her own use. It's labled. You can't miss it.
TKskaGirL's Home Page
My page-- note-- UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!
Tracy's MILLIONTH web page!

Um... quick. I need some more stuff. I know! You can check out my favorite movies. I shamelessly stole the stuff from the Internet Movie Database thingy. I just hope that they don't find out, otherwise they might kill me.
Oh, and I have seen all of these movies. That's how I selected them to be here. They were all good.
Jurassic Park Dinos vs. Man!
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Dinos vs. Man again!
2001: A Space Odyssey Computer vs. Man!
2010: The Year we Make Contact Computer vs. Man again!
Is anyone other than me noticing a trend here?
And now on a different note:
Titanic Fate vs. Man
Titanic Fate vs. Man
Titanic Fate vs. Man
Hmmm. That didn't work as I planned it. Let's try something completely different.
A Night to Remember Fate vs. Man
*sigh* Forget it. Try these:
Event Horizon Man vs. Spaceship
The Truman Show Man vs. Television
Gojira (Godzilla) Man vs. A Giant Lizard
Koyaanisquatsi Nature vs.Man
And that's it for movies. I don't want to give you anymore. I'm selfish. >: )

Ok. So you're bored with the movies. They're all stupid, you say. Ok. Fine. Then do other stuff.

Of course.

Save a national icon! The SS United States, at one time among the largest and fastest vessels in the world, is in trouble. The once proud ocean liner now sits rusting away on Philadelphia's water front. Her once luxurious interiors long since torn from their fittings. If nothing is done for her in the not to distant future, she will be hauled away for scrapping. Public apathy is one factor that wll doom her.
Save the SS United States

May 31, 2001.
A very important day.
What is so important, you may ask?
Well, that just so happens to be the day that

Jurassic Park 3

comes out!

YAY! : )
I don't know anything about the story, but it's more than likey gonna be really good!
Check out JP3's progress:
Compy07's Jurassic Park 3 Page
Invisible Carnotaur's JP3 Page
UtahRaptor's Jurassic Park 3 Page
This movie is going to be BIG. Go see it when it comes out. Take your friends. Take your family. Take your pets. GO SEE THIS FILM!

: )

Take a look at the most ingenious show on television: Mystery Science Theater 3000!
Mystery Science Theater 3000 on AOL
Mystery Science Theater 3000 the web page

My friend Tracy also makes web pages. She, along with Mewers, work 'round the clock in an attempt to make her pages the best ones on the web. Or maybe they don't. And that's ok! All that's important is that you want to get out of this dumb page A.S.A.P, so therefore I encourage you to check out her pages.
Tracy's Page

That fool Andy has made his own web pages, too. The only reason that I'm putting them here is because it might show that my web page has at least one or two good qualities after all (though it's very unlikely). Anyhoo, here they are, and remember that it was your idea to go there. Whatever you happen to see I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR!
Mr. T sucka
Andy's Picture Page (Revised)
Andy has one more page that he's making me give you a link to. I don't like it, but then I don't have a choice. He's the director of the CIA, and therefore I can't exactally tell him that I don't want to do what he says. Well, I can, but I'll get arrested. Oh well. Here it is. Hope you don't like it as much as me. Andy's Page Of Happyness

While I'm talking about Andy I may as well mention the online version of his upcoming biography, painstakingly researched by me, King Josh of the Amoebas. There's really not much to the online biography yet. We're still waiting for me to get around and write the stupid thing so that it can be converted into a computer thingy. Oh well. I'm lazy. So sue me. Here it is thus far:
I Put the Dumb Back in Stupid: Andy's Story

And then there's grace. That's right. grace. grace with a small "g". Make it a large "g" and you're in trouble. Anyhoo, grace made a very special little ditty of a page that I decided to post here. It's kinda scary. And there's a picture of grace as soon as you open it. It's not the old picture that STARED RIGHT THROUGH YOU. It sent shivers down my spine every time I saw it! But, it's gone now. Thank God. Instead, it's been replaced with this weird picture of grace behind some feathers or something, and the picture is crooked, which gives the feeling of turbulence, and makes me naucious. It may be a good idea to take some Alka-Seltzer before entering.
The Page of grace

I have been told, by the PSC (Pee Security Council) that I must include a link to his web page. This is being done aginst my free will, and must remain benevolent or else... Wait a minute. PSC? My God. He's done it again. I am gullible. Dang him. I'm going to kill him! Oh well. What can it hurt by adding a link to his page? *thinks* I don't know... Here's the link anyways.
Pee's Page
(Don't say I didn't warn you. Oh. I didn't. Well... don't go. There. I've warned you.)

One day, several months ago, my nephew, Carey, age 10, was over at my house for a visit, and he was tinkering around with AOL. I asked him if he wanted to make a web page, and after a moment's thought he decided on yes. So... I helped him put it together. And then he wanted to make another one! If you'd like to pay Carey a visit, you may do so here...
Data 9000's Home Page
Data 9000's Home Page


Remember that moron MacAfee? The one who, back in '89, was responsible for the Exxon Valdezdisaster? The MacAfee who blew up the Hindenburg, sunk the Titanic, and released the Black Plague all throughout Europe? We all know him. We all hate him. Well, guess what that idiot's done now? Now, he's colonized the Internet! OH GOD NO!Here it is. In all its filth. THE MACAFEE PAGES. Brace yourself for a smelly romp through the world of Mr. T, Worstell, 1978 Ooby Doobys, and Hamdingers. Here ya go:
The World of Mr. T
The Birds and the Bees
Mr. Magoo Wears A Red Shoe
(One word of warning: These pages might just make this pathetic little page seem like the God of all pages. DON'Tlet down your guard once inside the world of MacAfee.)


You can also go to this page, but it'll be somewhat useless, since you're already there.
Vegisaurus's Home Page

Go here if you want to talk about me behind my back... unless I'm there, in which case it wouldn't work very well.

By now you're probably bored to death of this pathetic little page, and I'm out of stuff for you to do. Except...

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