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Hat #2 #2: Soviet Beret

14 December 2005.

This was part of the Twelve Josh in Hats Before Christmas, which ran in December 2005. This particular hat was the second day.

soviet beret

Day two of Josh's hats and a problem:
Oh what to wear? He was wracked with fear
A sudden inspiration came about him:
A Soviet officer, on the Siberian frontier
soviet beret
soviet pins

If anyone cares, these are the three pins I'm wearing in the photos. The hammer and sickle is a reproduction, but the other two are original. The transliterations and translations for the other two are:

Ship pin-
Korabli Nikolaeva
Kitobazha (Sovetskaya Rossiya)

Royal Nicholas
Whaler (Soviet Russia)

Building pin-
SUZHDAL (Suzdal is a town near Moscow)
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